Saturday, August 22, 2015

What are you passionate about?

I saw a post earlier this week that posted the image below and then asked, “What are you passionate about?” 
What are you passionate about? | Chase life. Love people. Choose joy. A #newpost from @bigpittstop

I didn’t think about it too much and quickly typed out this response.

"'m passionate about using my life experiences to pour in to others, build community and connect people, and finding ways to choose Joy! (yes that includes good restaurants, coffee dates, belly laughing and listening!)”

I’ve been thinking about it all day.  If I were to stop and think about it would I answer any different? 
You know, I don’t think so.  Those are the things I am about.  Not just as @bigpittstop, but me – KP. 

So, why am I writing this and verbally processing with you? 

Because what I’ve more been thinking about is authenticity.  It’s one of the things I strive for most in my life.  I have a terrible poker face, but I’m impeccably consistent in my demeanor.  What you see is what you get.  Usually.  Almost always. 

I hope and believe that the things listed above, are the things I commit to in my every day. 

 I’ve really been spending a lot of time lately figuring out what is fluff and what is the good stuff.  Cutting the fluff and keeping the good stuff.  For me, the good stuff includes people and joy.  So many of the things we continue to commit ourselves to drain us.  I mean really suck the life from us.  Yet, we feel obligated to them and we feel obligated to the relationships.  You are not going to hear me tell you to shun people in your life and cut them out, because I love people.  But you CANNOT pursue relationships that are just not meant to be.  Friends. Co-workers. Business relationships. Volunteer Opportunities.

Instead, chase the good things.  Chase the opportunities that are worth trying.  Chase the people that are going to breathe life in to you.  Chase dreams that push wind in your sails.  Chase adventure, you will be glad you did.  Chase scary things, you just might succeed. I mean chase....

To round things out I finished my same day of Facebook “reading” by seeing this quote by Frederick Buechner, "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

May it be so!


Suzy Taylor Oakley said...

You are speaking words I need to hear right now, sister friend. As I wrestle with some things, thank you for the reminder to keep people at the top of my love list (right after my relationship with the Author of love).

Big Pitt Stop said...

Yes ma'am to both! Vertical then horizontal and the rest falls in to place.