Thursday, August 27, 2015

10 things I'm excited about for #AWBU 2015

sometimes a title says everything your post is, I'll just jump in!
10 things I'm looking forward to at #AWBU2015 #newpost #bridgebuilder #solutionseeker @bigpittstop

  • road trip to Hot Springs  Paige and I are hitting the road and I’m looking forward to the windshield time.  I want to hear stories about being a new mama and hearing about the dreams behind her new venture.  I also value her opinion and I'm looking forward to doing a little brainstorming. My heart is exploding to hear the tales!
  • roommates – I’ve always attended with my pal Rhonda, and I’m secretly mourning that we will not have our quiet room time.  But, I love girl time.  Paige, Britney, and her pal are going to be fun.  But, the thought of being in a room and having some girl time at the end of a long day sounds delightful.  (ironically, I’m friends with lots of introverts so conferences are always a fun little exercise in being kind in the sandbox and not talking til all hours of the night).  Plus, I don’t usually get this kind of unadulterated time with these gals, so I’m looking forward to it
  • hosting Chef Matt Bell – like I’m preparing myself to not have a fan girl moment.  But as a hostess at Foodie Friday, I’m getting to host Chef Matt Bell.  I’m stoked to say the least and I will be nervous asking him to take a picture with me.  But seriously….I love South on Main and I’m secretly hoping for a tip off on the pimento cheese!
  • Evernote session – so, my gal Bethany has been telling us for years about Evernote.  She’s written about it.  She presented on it.  I’ve even endorsed it.  But for some reason, I’m scared.  I’ve got an account and the app on my phone, but I’ve not jumped in.  I think it can change my life.  I’ve even got a stack of recipes on my kitchen counter to jump in with both feet and I just need her to push me off the edge!
  • Supporting my girl Ramona on her first presentation – I love the anxiety of a first, especially when it comes to presenting at a conference.  Its one of life’s great hurdles and greatest feelings of accomplishments.  I can’t wait to hear what she has to share.
  • the goodie bags - I've helped gather some items in #NWArk and if those are anything, then we are bringing home some loot...oh the anxiety of real usable items!
  • the historic Arlington Hotel – so many things I love about this place.  It was the grand adventure when I was in college.  We built some fun memories here when I was in Leadership Arkansas.  I love the nostalgia of the place.  The fact that they still give you an old key.  And all the mystery of Al Capone that wanders the hallways.
  • a pretty weekend away – its supposed to be a pretty night in Hot Springs on Friday and Saturday and I’m ready to take Bathhouse Row with some of my favorite gals!
  • laughing – I love that when I go to AWBU, I kinda wipe out the world.  I live tweet and post pictures the whole time I’m there and I’m fully aware that I probably annoy the fire out of anyone who follows me.  But it is one of the few times I go all in without another care in the world and I am oh so excited.
  • supporting AR – one of the biggest threads of the weekend is supporting AR farmers and AR based businesses.  Even as a native Texan, I’m blown away by this state and the products here.  I’ve loved getting a glimpse into farming in our state by meeting some of the people, the women, who make it so.  I’m grateful to Arkansas Farm Bureau who continues to invest in us and make this a state to be proud of.
  • the margins and the stars – when I take notes, I draw big stars by the things that are action steps; the things I want to tackle first.  Every year when I attend #AWBU, I come back with some quick things I want to do and a renewed interest in writing.  There is something about summer that makes me want to be so present in life that one of the things that usually takes a hit is my blog.  I just don’t have the energy to write.  I think of all kinds of things while I drive about, but I rarely stop and just write them.  The fall is so different and #WBU is one of the things that kick starts that part of life.  So, I’m excited about the one-liners, the ideas I’m going to write in the margins of my notes and the big stars I will draw near the things I want to tackle next.
Oooooo….this is going to be good!  Don’t forget about the packing list I shared Monday.  It’s time to get going ladies!

For my non-blogger peeps, follow #AWBU (Twitter, Instagram and Periscope) this weekend to see what all the craze is about!


Karen Weido said...

Yes to all of these! Something about AWBU is truly magical, and I always have the best weekend ever. I can't wait to see all my bloggy pals, and get all pumped up to actually produce some content again. See you soon!

Party of Five said...

Great list, KP! You know I'll be there in spirit. Have a great time.

Big Pitt Stop said...

Yes, in the words of the Disney movie I can't think of right now, you'll be in my heart!