Friday, April 3, 2015

curate crate | april 3

So, I'm giving myself a birthday present.  I'm changing my Sparkles from the Week series to Curate
Curate Crate | Things gathered along the way | April 3
Crate.  I've not always loved the was something I landed on when I needed it.  And, its still the same thing...but as I've been doing research lately, I discovered that what I'm really doing is curating; gathering and here you have it - the first installment of Curate Crate.

I love to give myself a digital birthday present each year and since its my birthday month, I decided today was the day!

  • first a question - do you say grey or gray?
  • When prepping for my last Junior Achievement class, I came across this article about 13 brands that fell off a cliff.  Interesting what made them fail.  The topic came up in our "personal brand" session.  We talked a lot about reputation and consistency.
  • I've got a new book on my "to read" list.  Procrastinate on Purpose....challenging the world to think differently about time.  Can you get more time?  We all have the same 24...Beyoncé, Malcolm Gladwell, you.  How do you get more time.
  • Ever stopped and thought about the lessons you learn from everyday moments.  How about a dad, a tea party and some Plastic Donuts?



thebeautifulhours said...

Great blog! Love your pictures and how you incorporate them into your posts (something I'm still definitely working on).

Keisha Pittman said...

@thebeautifulhours its definitely been a work in progress. I try to take pictures with my phone and then edit them in Rhona Designs app or wordswag and often its a combo of the two. I usually have an image in my head when i'm writing. Sometimes stocksnap is good for pictures if i dont have them and picmonkey works for editing if I'm on my computer. i'm hearing lots about canva, but I've not used it yet.