Thursday, July 31, 2014


I don’t know if it’s the fact that my sister and bro-in-law are away at children’s camp or the nostalgia of the summer, but I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the people that have invested in me.  
A couple weeks ago, I had a pretty heartfelt convo about the amazing people that invested in me in my growing up years.  I know I am who I am today because of them.  Yes, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a great home with amazing parents, but it took a village for me.

I’m hard headed.  I like to be the best (my best).  I like to be creative and wonder “what if”.  I like to pioneer concepts.  I like to ask the obvious question.  I’m not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. 

Those traits have carried me to this point, but they’ve also made the road a little bumpy.  

 I mean, look at this moment.  Look at those eyes and ears.  I cannot imagine all they are absorbing this week.  I’m a little nervous about the short guy in the back and what he might be teaching those sweet faces in the camo shirts.  But, I know He loves Jesus, but more importantly, he wants to tell them about him.

And, this one.  She always melts my heart.  

If there is anything I’ve learned from her it's, patience pays off.  She is kind.  She serves.  She gives.  She is excellent.  She draws from a deep well.  She has so much to bestow.  

And I sit here today at my desk and I wonder.  What conversations has she had at night in the bunk beds?  What has she talked about in the afternoon or during rec time?  What do those girls think about her?  Do they see her beauty?  Do they know that her face lights up because her heart is illuminated?  Do they want to be like her when they grow up?  Me, I do!

There are others just like her (and him).  They invested in me.  They spoke truth in the lobby of the Irving Library at our weekly mentor sessions in 11th grade.  They sat in the stinky “middle room” and glued and glittered and we laughed together at Latham Springs.  They sat on the edge of the bed in a hotel room in Washington DC and rubbed Mary Kay lotion on my hands while they told me I was beautiful (even when that boy did not think so!).  They spoke truth to me across the table at Atlanta Bread Company in Jonesboro.  They stood in silence in the lobby of LR Hematology Oncology.  They taught me the tune of “Girls in Action” before I went on stage and did a silly skit.  They said “You is kind. You is smart. You is important” on a floor mat in a preschool room long before a movie made the mantra famous.

Their lives and this moment challenge me to think about a quote I heard yesterday.  “Who are you investing in that could someday replace you?”  While the question was posed about my place in the workforce, I think it applies to my place in the kingdom and my place in the world.  Am I investing forward? Throw out “legacy” and the terms of “how you will be remembered”.  Are you investing?  Am I investing?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Truffs this week

So, today I'm kinda finding myself as a copy cat. 

I have a blogger friend who sends out a weekly newsletter of what she found to be true that week.  Its become one of my favorite things to read each week.  So much so, that I will always mark my eNewsletter from her "unread" until I'm in a place to fully digest the meatyness that builds up my week.

In light of her awesomeness, I thought (since I've not found anything else that I want to publically write about this week) that I would share some gems I've come across.  Maybe I'll start something new.  Maybe not.

So, here's a couple nuggets I've found interesting this week:

  • - mom and I had a conversation recently based on a Facebook post I saw - "being a mom is hard.  being a grown-up is hard.  being a mom of grown ups is really hard."  She was at dinner with grown-up friends, I'm sure they enjoyed the topic at my expense.
  • Played on repeat today - - but if I'm being honest, yesterday my day played out to the tune of Red Hot Chili Peppers because there was a piano lesson going on outside my office and the song they were learning was the Sesame Street theme song - rinse and repeat!
  • Cajun Potato Soup - I made this for dinner last night - next time I'm leaving out the Italian Seasoning
  • Crystal Bridges has a FREE outdoor concert this Saturday evening - and, its a Bluegrass band from Texas...I'm kinda geeking out - bluegrass, free, outdoor, summer night (these are a few of my favorite things!)

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Do you ever experience loneliness? 
When does it kick in?  Is there a trigger, or is it just a feeling?

I find myself wondering these things often.  Maybe its just the empty Saturday schedule or the fact that my world is a little less "busy" these days, but I don't do "idle" or "still" very well. 

And, I guess that its not fair to think about being lonely because I'm not surrounded by people.  As if loneliness is a result of something someone else did to me.  Either way, its not a fun feeling.  I mean, I look around and I see a full email box, I've spent my morning responding to a slew of text messages, I've had an hour long phone call with my aunt, and Facebook tells me I have 1,889 friends.  So, my life should be full right? 

I've spent the morning looking through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  People gathered last night in groups, pods of people, to cook out, swim and celebrate.  Those same groups are gathered this morning with donuts and homemade casseroles continuing the celebration. 

I miss my Arkadelphia people on a weekend that included Independence Day.  I mourn the traditional (and creative) celebrations we had.  I miss not having to wonder how I'm going to spend the day or with whom I'll be.  I miss not feeling like I'm intruding to invite myself along for the festivities.  I miss planning random pay dates and excursions.

Its my own fault.  I had people try and include me and I said "no".  I was waiting for a better offer.  Not better, just the one I wanted. 

I'm grumpy.  I'm tired of striving.  I'm not myself and I want to be more. 

I've had 2 weeks of laziness in the evenings and its time to take back my world.  This week I'm going to clean out.  I'm going to get myself ready for a sewing fest.  I'm going to be busy and productive and if my world is not surrounded with people interaction, I'll fill the time to make a difference. 

And, I'm pretty sure I need to stay off Facebook today.  A girl has got to know her emotional boundaries and today, the art of comparison is mine.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


All I can say is AMEN

Dude to dude this is a good one.

This great article circulated on FB last week and I thought I'd share. I'm sure my single ladies would agree. 

Its an interesting thing dating when you're a grown up.