Thursday, October 23, 2014


This sweet friend is no stranger to you.  She kindly helped me celebrate my birthday this year by sharing with you her Pink Champagne cake (she knows a girl needs to celebrate with some pink sparkles!).  In that place, I told you about her, but you never really can tell all the things you've known about someone since braces, 6th grade plaid shirts, high school spirit week and middle school journalism class.  Yea, those are photos we have under lock and key.  But, no need because her life now is beautiful and she need not worry about them.  Like the rest of us, she is learning what it means to be a grown-up, a fantastic mom, a super supportive wife, business owner, and just a gal from Texas.

I always love when I get to share my friends with you and for all my Arkansas gals, you need to get to know this friend...if nothing else, she makes meal planning easy every week and that alone is a reason to hang out with her!  Seriously though, she is as genuine as her words and knows how to get more out of the minutes of every day than any one I know.  I treasure a pumpkin spice latte in her honor this time of year and am so grateful for our recent coffee date, playing some catch up.

I give you Shay (aka Mix and Match Mama)

  • What have you OVERCOME?    Worry
  • What was your turning point?     When we lived in Detroit away from family, I decided that having Jesus was really all I needed in life, so I stopped worrying and fretting about everything else. 
  • 5 word life mantra - It's going to be okay.  (Because honestly, it really matter what the outcome is.)
  • Quote you live by - The simple things in life, not the greatest things, bring you the greatest happiness. -Bob Hope

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(and, I'm returning the favor celebrating her birthday this week!  Gotta love those Scorpios..)

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Thank you so much for featuring me Keisha!!! Your kind words of encouragement and love made my day. Love you!!