Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OVERCOMER: Holley Gerth

Oh this sweet lady was quick on my list of Overcomers.  When I made my dream list of people I hoped would respond, I quickly added Holley's name to that list.  I'm grateful for her story and the ways she shares it with others.  I love her little latte worthy gifts that show up in my morning email inbox.  (Yea, she writes a newsletter I actually read).  Holley is the co-founder of (in)courage, an blog for women that does as its name promises.  She is kind hearted, introverted and when she speaks, you want to lean in and listen.  I had the privilege of spending a few brief moments with her in March when at a mutual friends wedding and I realized that her conversation are like reading her amazing books.  You want to sit and linger and marinate with the sweet, healing words God has given her.

I give you, Holley!

  • What have you OVERCOME? Infertility
  • What was your turning point? God healed our hearts after almost a decade of struggle and then He blessed us with a 21 year old adopted daughter named Lovelle last fall!
  • 5 word life mantra - Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.
  • Quote you live by - She knew that many were the plans in her heart but God's purpose would prevail. {Proverbs 19:21}
Connect with Holley:
  • Twitter- @HolleyGerth
  • Instagram- @holleygerth
  • Pinterest- Holley Gerth


Brittney said...

I'm interested in hearing her story now. Going to her blog to look around. I love how God's redemption plan can be so much sweeter than what we had in mind.

Debbie Arnold said...

A fascinating lady��

Talya Tate Boerner said...

I don't think I've met Holley. Going to her blog now. Very cool story!

Amanda said...

Would love to have a cup of real coffee in a real cafe with Holley :) Met her virtually through leading an (in) courage group and was so excited to hear she was from AR!

Big Pitt Stop said...

Girls, she is one amazing lady. I had a chance to meet her back in March at a friends wedding. She began my curiosities with amazing introverts. When she speaks, you want to lean in. My bible study group is going through one of her books. Such truth to the woman's heart!

Karen said...

Just that little snippet made me so interested in learning more about her! Thank you for sharing this!

Kayla Shown-Dean said...

Wow! I'm really interesting in her story now. Thanks for sharing.