Monday, October 27, 2014

OVERCOMER: Gina Knuppenburg

Confession: yes, I had to look up her last name to make sure I spelled it right!

Gina K as I know her is a giver.  Honestly, I'm learning more about this friend.  But, when I think about her, I think "inclusive".  I love that she is always participating in our AWBU bloggers community, that she is encouraging and that she brought "flat" versions of our friends who couldn't make it to the conference this summer.  I mean she even went back when they got left behind at the Improv event to get them....that's serious friendship!  She is a giver and I'm getting to know this dear and beautiful writer even more!

Desperately seeking this friend and learning more about her....

  • What have you OVERCOME?   Inadequacy
  • What was your turning point?     I've been struggling with my day job for quite some time. The hour long commute, a change in responsibilities, differences in opinion with co-workers-they've all exacerbated the unhappiness I've felt with a job I've been doing for almost eighteen years. The real cause of my unhappiness, I've uncovered, is not the job or the co-workers. I discovered the real truth over the summer; it's my feelings of inadequacy and the fact that I've let myself settle to comfortably into a position that have created the discontent.
    I'd like to say I spent time reflecting, setting goals, and making plans to change careers.  But the truth is I just decided on the spur of the moment; wanting to move toward working from home or, at the very least, doing something I love to do. I closed my eyes and typed out a proposal.  I sent it off feeling silly and inadequate-not really expecting a positive reply.  The reply I received gave me the confidence boost I needed to kick that feeling of inadequacy.  That one little instance of asking for something I wanted led to asking for more these last few months giving me the opportunity to do more of what I love to do.
  • 5 word life mantra -     "Ask for what you want"  -a new mantra for me.  I'm setting some goals to ask for what I want at least once a month.
  • Quote you live by -      Stop comparing your place in your path to someone else’s place on their path.  I've seen this same quote all over the internet but this particular wording comes from Jacqueline Wolven, whom I admire and follow online.

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Jacqueline Wolven said...

Oh gosh. I'm flattered.

gina knuppenburg said...

Thanks for ip voting me to share, Keisha. �� said...

GINA K!!!! inclusive is such a wonderful way to describe this awesome woman. i have been included by her personally and can attest to the awesome that she is. congrats on your journey and your guts, Gina! please let me know when you will be in this neck of the woods!

Amanda said...

Thanks for being so open and honest! Love your mantra! It never hurts to ask. You go girl!

gina knuppenburg said...

Have no idea where that came from ^^^^

Thanks for inviting me, Keisha

gina knuppenburg said...

Sweet Terra!