Saturday, August 23, 2014

sparkles from the week-aug 23

A few little gems from my week!

  • I loved this post by my blogger pal Stacy.  I've not been really in touch with all that's going on in Ferguson.  I've frankly kinda cut "news" out of my world lately.  I dont like watching it.  And, I follow several new sources on twitter and for the better part of 2 years that has been my into source for news topics (not just twitter, but news outlets on twitter).  You may not agree with my reasoning, and that's cool.  But one thing that I really don't understand and cant get is racism.  It makes my stomach churn.  I do not understand that it is 2014 and I still see pictures that resemble the days of the major civil rights movement.  We do not live in a world where backwards motion is acceptable.  We have to hate hatred.  We have to. -
  • Found this photographer on FB and loved looking through her pictures.  I just really love her style.  And, I dreamed about the girl in the glitter picture.  Not the girl, but the photo-shoot (yes, I've started taking something to help me sleep better!) - - love these photos and this style!
  • Homeless people were asked to write down something about themselves - here's what it looked like.  We all have a story of where we and where we've been.  Both effect who we are -
  • because well - we live in the south - so, its always on our minds -
  • And, I thought I was the one overthinking it! -
  • Loved this little blog I ran across this week - still trying to figure out the best way for me to interact with the blog.  I also am intrigued by their layout.  Not convinced yet if I love it, its just different so learning a new navigation look - 
  • And then, I tweeted about this earlier this week, but I had a great customer experience with MOO this week.  I ordered business cards for myself combined with my etsy store (K Cutie Designs).  But, I loved the looks online, the ease of interface and ordering and was so grateful the next day when I had to call and cancel the order because I made a mistake.  The CS rep was so kind and helpful and made it super easy for me to just go in and make a change without having to start from the beginning on my designs.  Check them out!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

who are you

Hit "play" then continue reading!

So, who are you? 

That's something I've been thinking about lately.  I mentioned on Monday about the personal brand journey I've been mulling over the last couple weeks.

Who is “bigpittstop”.  But, more than that, who is Keisha Pittman.  When people encounter me in real life, are they perplexed that it’s the same person.  And, if the meet me in person first and then meet in social media world, do they get the same thing?
That’s a really big deal to me. 
I want to leave a place better than I found it.  But, I want to consistently portray the same thing about me and about my views of the world.
I like to sparkle sunshine dust in the wake of my presence (yes, I just said that and would like a series of notecards designed to commemorate that).
I LOVE to make people laugh.  But, I’m a fan of the giggle and the belly laugh.  I don’t like to be just funny, I like to say things that make people smirk; things that have to sit on their heart and marinate a little before the full effect kicks in.  And then, I love to say things so hilarious that people roll their eyes and bend their bodies in the middle from hilarity.
But, I also like to just have conversation that makes you say “hmmmmm”.  My dad likes to text that to me.  I don’t even think he knows how much I love the response.  But, it’s a moment when I know I’ve resonated.  Coffee conversations move my soul more than anyone probably realizes.  I love to learn and glean from the everyday of life and share so that others don't have to experiences life's hard lessons the same way I have.  (plus somewhere in the mix  I usually realize that someone else is experiencing a bit of "cray" as well.)
I want to be able to lookback and see an impression.  You know like when you walk on a mat – not a yoga mat, that requires sweat.  Like when you walk on a floor mat, or push your hand into a TempurPedic mattress.  There is an impression and for a moment, it looks just like you.  That’s the kind of impression.  Not to think that I make the world a better place, but that while I was there, I left something of me behind. 
Now, that’s the good life!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


So, last night I started getting ready for the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference.  Like "its time to get serious sister".  I've been sewing all weekend getting ready for the marketplace, but it was time to make sure I was investing in ME.

I was inspired by Allison Chino's article "Help! AWBU is MY First Conference and I'm So Nervous".  The checklist of things to think about before you go were so helpful (and would be helpful for any conference). I remember getting ready to go to the conference for my first time last year and had no idea I needed to think about more than what kid of sandals were appropriate for the "rustic" accommodations and if I needed a jacket since we would be inside all day.  Little did I know there were many more things to think about.

So, literally the morning that we left I was pleading with the Kinkos lady to see if she could get my business cards (that I had just whipped up on Publisher) printed and cut by my 3PM departure time.  She came through, but I was less that well representing my brand.

This year, I'm a week or so ahead of where I was last year and got online to order my cards with MOO.  Yes, MOO.  Dont let the name throw you.  I had a fantastic customer experience and no dairy cows were involved.

I've been a vistaprint fan for a long time - probably because my main gateway with them was some fantastic freebies.  But, MOO had some fantastic designs.  Like pages and pages for people in all kinds of fields.  And, they look so professional and way better than anything you could "whip up".  So, whether you are representing a blog brand, an etsy store, a photography business, serve on a board of a local non-profit or run a small business, let me encourage you to look.  And, they are so much more than "a business card company".  I've not had my last interaction with them!

Here's a link to get you started -

Let me know what you think!

Monday, August 18, 2014

idleness breeds like rabbits

Just had a chance to talk with someone about my views of social media.  I guess the circumstances of my life have given me an interesting perspective that the 24/7/365/32 that I’ve had and have in front of me are not about me.  Life is a gift.  But more importantly, it’s about me understanding that I have an opportunity to be a giver or a taker.  I can use these 24/7/365 to give and offer things to the world or I can spew and take as I go. 
I choose to be a giver.  I mean think about it.  When else in time did we each have a platform (or several platforms as the case may be) to allow the world a glimpse into our lives.  A glimpse into our minds.  A FREE platform to share our thoughts.  To demonstrate our gifts.  To publish a book, write a quote, create a graphic, share a video.  Do you know what Ben Franklin would have done to have had that kind of PR (for free)?
So, my question is, what do you give?  The last couple weeks, I’ve had several opportunities to participate in tech summits, webinars, online conferences and the like (yes, my inner nerd tank is overflowing!).  And all of them have focused on one key thing.  Discover who you are.  Be who you are.  Demonstrate who you are.
As a I listen, I hear over and over messages about telling digital professionals to decide what their brand expertise is.  “Find 3 things you are – offer them to the world – give and be those.”
In my opinion, the same exists for each of us.  When others come to us, what do they get or, what can they expect to get?
For me it boils down like this:

1.       Be funny – mention the elephant in the room – ask the question already on everyone’s mind – say it like it is…. No really, I’m just saying

2.       Capture the silly, quirky, ironic of the everyday – others can relate, I can't be the only one these things happen to!

3.       Share faith in a way that makes it practical and relevant.  Might just be what spoke to me, or stood out.  Or, might be my challenge or struggle I’m dealing with

At least, that’s what I hope you know an encounter with me will bring.  And, that’s whether we are eating mac ‘n cheese from a food truck or you happen up on my twitter feed.
I often think about the people in life that amaze me by the amount of things they get done in a day – Britta Stamps, BeyoncĂ©, Rick WarrenShay Shull - you know we all have the same 365 hours in a day! 
My dad often gets on to me when he tells me at the end of the day he didn’t get anything done.  When I ask him to relay, moment by moment what he spent his time doing, I quickly find the big gaps that were black holes for productivity. (when I point them out is where the frustration kicks in!) 
"They" often say if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  And I think the truth of the adage is that idleness breeds like a rabbit.

So, when you give, what do you give?


Sunday, August 17, 2014

sparkles this week - aug 17

Little lights from my week:

  • So, its no secret, I'm a digital hoarder - I love to take in information anywhere I can get it, but more often than not, I run across something when I cant stop and truly take it in.  At a lovely coffee catch up this week, my friend mentioned "Pocket", an app she has started using to help keep herself organized.  We are talking about "managing ourselves".  You have to know yourself and part of knowing yourself is knowing how to manage yourself.  I downloaded the app when I got home and I love this - Pocket - check it out!
  • Early Christmas list ideas (these work for adults too!):
  • So, I wanted to share these last week, but I had too many things, so I've been enjoying these again and have to share them - Weird Al released several videos a couple weeks ago and they are so funny.  You have got to watch these! Tacky and Word Crimes have me crying tears! 
  • Buy of the week - Terro Fruit Fly traps - this summer I've tried to be way more intentional about getting and keeping fruit in my house - fruit flies have been the death of me. 
If you have a perfect solution for fruit flies, please help a sister out!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

sparkles this week - aug 10

I decided to change the name of my weekly installment.  I'm not sure that "truffs" is always the best word since sometimes its just shiny things that caught my attention, so I went with sparkles because sparkly things catch my attention :)

A few things on my radar from the week:
  • First, I cant even look at anything flippant this week without first recognizing what's going on in Iraq.  Frankly, I don't event want to look it up and try to gather more info.  While its left me fully unaware of all that's going on in the world, I've chosen to just be aloof when it comes to news.  I don't really want to see the yuck in the world and in the midst, I'm missing some serious things happening.  Last night at dinner some friends brought be up to speed and its really good that I had already eaten dinner.  I'm so sad thinking about the families of those children.  Its unbelievable that heads are sitting on the ends of swords around plazas.  It is not good.  And, we are left to pray.  It's the thing we can do from a distance.
  • My Big Family Home Renovation started this week - I love me some Jen Hatmaker and I'm really excited about catching this show...Especially after I read this, this morning.
  • I'm in to stamping silverware.  Well, not stamping it myself, but I think its really cool.  I've already added a couple pieces to my Christmas list.
  • I'm also convince that some things are not ok to make at home!
  • Millenials in the workplace - I've hired them, I've fired them, I've read about them and studied them.  But, working alongside a Millenial again where I'm not in the pace for correction is proving to be a little interesting turn of events at this stage in my life.  Why can they not be corrected? Why do they not listen when you try to coach? Why do they insist on being right?  Why are they defensive?  Why does the blame always have to be on someone else?  Get it together...we want what's best for you but more than that, we want is best for out organization and that might not include you if we keep on this path!
That's enough to distract for now!