Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Truffs this week

So, today I'm kinda finding myself as a copy cat. 

I have a blogger friend who sends out a weekly newsletter of what she found to be true that week.  Its become one of my favorite things to read each week.  So much so, that I will always mark my eNewsletter from her "unread" until I'm in a place to fully digest the meatyness that builds up my week.

In light of her awesomeness, I thought (since I've not found anything else that I want to publically write about this week) that I would share some gems I've come across.  Maybe I'll start something new.  Maybe not.

So, here's a couple nuggets I've found interesting this week:

  • - mom and I had a conversation recently based on a Facebook post I saw - "being a mom is hard.  being a grown-up is hard.  being a mom of grown ups is really hard."  She was at dinner with grown-up friends, I'm sure they enjoyed the topic at my expense.
  • Played on repeat today - - but if I'm being honest, yesterday my day played out to the tune of Red Hot Chili Peppers because there was a piano lesson going on outside my office and the song they were learning was the Sesame Street theme song - rinse and repeat!
  • Cajun Potato Soup - I made this for dinner last night - next time I'm leaving out the Italian Seasoning
  • Crystal Bridges has a FREE outdoor concert this Saturday evening - and, its a Bluegrass band from Texas...I'm kinda geeking out - bluegrass, free, outdoor, summer night (these are a few of my favorite things!)


LeSha Brewer said...

Crystal Bridges looks like a great place to visit! I've never been to Bentonville but would love to see a concert! I love live music! Thanks for posting the link :)

Jacqueline Wolven said...

Thanks! I love to see people do this because it is a peek into their world and what is making them swoon! Love it! - Jackie