Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birfday Thursday {Rhonda Bramell}

Second week of Birfday Thursday, I'm hosting my gal pal Rhonda.  When I tell you this gal is funny, I'm not using my usual means of sarcasm.  Rhonda was one of my first northwest Arkansas friends.  We worked together when I first moved here and she quickly reached out to me in the way only a kindhearted, concerned person can.  She spoke early truth to me, taught me the importance of setting boundaries, then she started telling me stories and our friendship has never turned back.  She is the kind of friend that lets you show up unannounced on a Friday night and invites you in to her back yard cook out.  She is the kind of friend who lets you pour too much coolants down her car pipes when your stranded in her mini van on the side of the road.  She is the kind of friend that lets you do the ugly cry at her desk and kindly offers a Kleenex and she is the kind of friend who lets you love on her zany babies when you need a kid fix! 

I promise if you will make Bramell, Party of Five a regular "drop by" to your week, you will be sending me flowers and Sonic gift cards in no time!

Birthdays: The First Ones are the Best

Hi, I’m Rhonda!  I live in Springdale and blog over at Bramell, Party of Five  where I chronicle all the crazy that goes on in my household.  I have a really bad memory, and no time for making cutesy baby books, so my blog helps me with both of those things.  I have a first grader (Big Sis) and a set of mischievous twins (Boy/Girl Twin) to wrangle.   I’m excited to share a few of our birthday memories with you in honor of KP’s big birthday month.
When I was growing up, birthdays weren’t really a big deal in our house.  Of course, there were the huge milestone ones with big parties and gifts, but for the most part, we were a “card and favorite dinner” kind of family.  And I never really thought much about it.  Fast forward to having my own kids.  Oh dear! With my three, we are constantly talking about birthdays---where to have a party, who will come, what gifts they want—it’s a year-round obsession.
I have to say that my favorite birthdays with each of my kids were the first.  There is just something you cannot explain about seeing that little angel face looking very puzzled at the cake in front of them, right before diving head-first into it.  Here are some photos of my kids’ first birthdays, which we celebrated at home each time.  It was nice, small and easy.  And it’s probably the only time it will be that way.
Now, I don’t want to deprive my kiddos of any birthday experiences, but I also need to keep things manageable.   In our family of five, our birthdays all fall back to back—May, June, July and August.  That makes for a busy (and potentially expensive) summer.  Up to this point, we’ve been able to have one party for all three kids to share and it’s worked beautifully, especially since the families we invite usually have kids that fall into both the age groups.  The way I see it, I’m saving us all the trouble of going to an additional party!

Really, it doesn’t matter if you do birthdays in a big or small way; just do it the way that works best for you.  Take time to enjoy the day with friends and family, or do something nice for yourself.  And, if you have little ones, I hope the first birthdays provide you with the kind of happy memories and a full heart like mine did for me.

About Me:

I live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband and three kiddos. I work full-time in retail marketing.  In my spare time, I write at Bramell, Party of Five (link:, where I’ve been blogging for seven years.   Life with twins + 1 is a crazy, busy life but definitely provides me with lots of creative inspiration.

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