Monday, April 21, 2014

Birfday Monday {Shay Lowe Shull}

I"m breaking the rules 'cause its my birthday and I'll do what I want to!  I'm so excited to host my friend Shay today.  I've long been thinking of a chance for my sassy, savvy, bloggy friend to invade your world and TODAY is the day.  Happy Birthday to me!  

Couple things you should know about Shay.  While the world knows her as being the big sister to this guy, she was one of my very first friends.  We have awkward pictures from our Pub staff and middle school days that we have both vowed only to use if blackmail is necessary.  She was my first prayer partner friend and we covered the gamete in some late night chats with Jesus.  Her dad is as encouraging as you think he is and has spilled that over into her life.  While we don't get to see each other any more (thank you state lines), I always know she is an email, tweet or sassy post away (but a coffee date is on my 2014 bucket list).  Add Mix and Match Mama and the whole family to your feeder...your tummy will be happy and your heart lightened!  Plus her kids are so darn cute, its hard to not check in on her every day!

Oh goodness!  I was so honored when Keisha asked me to write the post that she would feature on her birthday!  Woohoo!  I would show you a picture of Keisha and me when we were younger celebrating maybe a junior high birthday...but they're too awful to share.  Seriously.  You would laugh for days.  And days.  And more days.

Happy birthday sweet friend.  You are one of my very favorite people.  I knew way back when we were 12 that God had special plans for your life...and I have enjoyed so much over the last 20 years watching those plans unfold.  You are beautiful both inside and out.  A fighter.  A champion.  A hero.  A wonderful friend.  Happy birthday to you.  My prayer is that this year the Lord can continue to reveal himself to others through your amazing life.  Love you!


Okay...enough sappy love :).  Keisha told me to write about birthdays and well, when I think of birthdays, I think of food!  

  I love entertaining and I love celebrating birthdays.  My number one rule as a hostess, don't make recipes that are complicated.  Here are some of my other entertaining tips...

If I were making Keisha's birthday dinner tonight, here is what I would make...

Our appetizer would be my Spicy Corn Dip!

For dinner, my yummy King Ranch Casserole feeds a crowd and is easy to prepare in advance.

I'd also add in a big green salad and some chips and salsa on the side.  Easy and your guests will love it!

For dessert...
...a Pink Champagne Bundt Cake is the only way to celebrate a special birthday!

Happy birthday Keisha!  Love you so much friend!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Happy birthday sweet friend! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Love you!!!

Tab & Erika said...

I wanna come to Keisha's party!! That meal looks so yummy!!

Dad said...

Shay it is exciting to see how God has blessed your family, but that didn't happen by accident. You have a wonderful heritage who continues to honor God with their lives. I visited and was quite impressed. Very good. Hopefully the readers will enjoy visiting as well. Well, God Bless You and your marvelous family. Enjoyed the guest spot. Larry Pittman