Wednesday, March 12, 2014

fish sandwich lovers

So, last week I had a thought.  "It's Ash Wednesday.  Know what that means?  Fish sandwiches!!!"

Of course, I didn't mention it to anyone because I've learned in our culture, liking the fish sandwich is faux pas; makes you some kind of dirty version foodie.  And, if its not, then we are all just living in the fish sandwich closet for no reason.

To test my theory, I found a way to bring up fish sandwiches in several conversations over the weekend (if it did not come up in our conversation, don't be offended...a theory can only be tested on a randomly selected group and the topic has to seem relevant.  Maybe we were having real grown up conversations!).

What I found in my scientific research was that MANY people like the fish sandwich.  And, like most things that seem "off", once they found someone else comfortable talking about said love, they were willing to celebrate the fish sandwich with me.

I mean come on people, everyone has one.  McDonalds (the original offender!).  Sonic.  Arby's (newly tried and I like it, fish is cod and extra crispy, sauce is not your usual tartar).  Some Chick-fil-A stores are getting in on the action. I even saw this weekend that Hardees has a chargrilled, cod sandwich (look at them being all healthy).

So, I'm bursting the bubble.  There are fish sandwich lovers every where.  Yes, YOU.  I know you are there.  I got a text from you that says "don't tell anyone I'm eating a fish sandwich".  I know the McDonald's "hook one" newly revised ad is aimed just at YOU.  So, let's stand tall.  Let's be proud.  Do not be ashamed of your love of the golden fish sandwich.  Afterall, it only comes but once a year!

And, if you are not a fish sandwich lover, quit judging.  Apparently you are giving the rest of us a complex!



Party of Five said...

As you now know, I do not share your love of the fish on a bun. But you just go on and eat all you want.

gina knuppenburg said...

I'll gladly stand with you on your fish sandwich stand but only if it's cod and really, really crispy, and smothered with lots of tartar. I can't handle anything less.