Sunday, January 26, 2014

le chocolate fest

I knew with that kind of title I'd have you....

Yesterday, I had the chance to partake of the yummies that wafted through the air at the Northwest Arkansas mall at the Le Chocolate Fest supporting the Pink Divas.

I was excited when Cindy, my new team member at work, said yes to my invitation to join me.  Both of us know we have to do a better job on Saturdays of getting out and about and exploring Northwest Arkansas and a sunny, Saturday morning with a few of our girlfriends and 12 chocolate vendors was pretty motivating!!

I mean look at this stuff -

(Royal Treats was my favorite...cant wait until I have a reason to go visit them!)

(NWACC Culinary won best taste for the pecan praline truffles)

There was even a line 30 plus deep waiting for hot s'mores funnel cakes - I didn't wait.  I was distracted by the Shake's ice cream...

As expected, the best part of my day was running into some of my favorite ARWB ladies and Debbie and Rhonda never disappoint for laughs and encouragment!
Yes, we did get a little nerdy and I'm sure Cindy was ready to talk about sports instead of words, but she was kind to just keep smiling.  We finished with a family lunch with the Bramell Bunch - not gonna lie, that sweet girl twin yelling my name and running to me for a big hug completely made my day, even more so than a box of chocolates!



Lindsay said...

Who needs a reason?

Talya Tate Boerner said...

Oh Yum! A chocolate fest sounds delish. Beautiful candies for Valentines Day.

Laurie said...

I agree with Lindsay - there is no need for a legitimate reason to eat chocolate. But if you MUST have one, just the fact that you got out of bed seems sufficient. ;)

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