Monday, September 30, 2013

Gameday dresses

So, in all my spare time (cough, cough), I keep a shop over Etsy.

K Cutie Designs - is a lifelong dream.  I mean who would have thought the girl who hates numbers and ran from classes in the business school, runs a small, electronic storefront business.  Not me! Its even registered with the state of AR and because I didn't want to get in trouble with Uncle Sam I pay taxes and everything (yes, I'm one of those citizens)!

But, a couple years ago I launched this dream back when I had way more time on my hands and the opportunity to think more creatively.  But, none-the-less I brought the business with me to NWA and have maintained my little corner of the market.

This weekend I had nothing on the books so I used the time to do a little cooking and even more sewing.  After prepping for the Marketplace at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference recently (read about my amazing weekend here), I had a great set of perfect little game day dresses.

This weekend I found some time to do "electronic catch up" and loaded the dresses to my store.  If you are interested, I currently have sizes 2T-4T and one child's small.  If those don't suit your fancy and you have a custom dress you want made please reach out to me (most likely you will have to provide your own shirt...because despite popular belief I do not have a printing press in my garage).  I don't have a custom listing because my time is super limited, but if you catch yourself right and ask in a "nice tone", we might be able to work a deal!
And, if you need to see these on a body, Bramell, Party of Five makes for a great set of models!

K CUTIE DESIGNS - Game day dresses and more!


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