Monday, May 27, 2013

CoverKid Contest

So excited about this awesome project we are doing in Northwest Arkansas.  Each year Relay for Life in Northwest Arkansas partners with PeekABoo Magazine for the annual Cover Kid Contest.  Seriously who wouldn't love to see their kid on the front of a community magazine?

If you live in Northwest Arkansas or have friends who do, please share this awesome project with them.  The deadline has been extended to this Friday, May 31 so there is still plenty of time to get involved!

Make sure and check out the Cover Kid Website for specific details!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Relay

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I'm asking all my followers (or readers!) to donate $5 to my Relay For Life know Cinco de Relay!!!

If you dont mind, would you follow this link to my Relay page and make a donation?

Anything helps.  We are working towards $5 Million this year in the state of Arkansas and today could be a huge step in that direction!

Are you a Relayer looking for some other ideas?  See if any of these help!

  • Donate $5 yourself—can you imagine how much we could raise if every participant gave $5 in honor of Cinco de Mayo?
  • Why not donate $5 for every year you have participated in Relay For Life?
  • Survivors—why not donate $5 for every year you have been a survivor (or every decade!)
  • You could give someone a ‘ole High-Five by praising a job well done with a $5 donation to Relay For Life.
  • Post a message on Facebook and twitter and ask your followers to  donate to Relay—Make sure and include a link to your personal donation page.

Together we can make a difference to finish the fight!


Well, its official, I've registered for the Arkansas Women's Bloggers Conference.  I made the comment to my co-worker that it means I have to start blogging more!  I promise I want to and I will TRY to do better.  I dont really do anything extra super fun so I dont have much extra super fun to post.

I have been spending tons of time with my awesome volunteers in Northwest Arkansas getting ready to Relay all over.  We have already had several Relays including a fabulous night in Berryville this past Friday.  I officially worked 24 hours on Friday (and Saturday morning).  But, it was so worth it.  the passion of these volunteers drives me to want to be better!

Love what I get to do!

If you are in Arkansas and are a blogger, you should make plans to join us September 6-7 at Ferndale Conference Center for what promises to be a fun, refreshing weekend of making lots of new buddies!