Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I discovered today that I LOVE beverages with mint in them. 

At the aforementioned restaurant, they had a little assortment of things you could mix in with your tea.  So, I decided to tear up some mint leaves...I mean I'm from the south, it couldnt be bad.  And, it was on the contrary...muy delicioso!!!

I think it must be something to do with my grown-up taste buds.  You know they say that your tastebuds change ever 7 years or something.  I think there are just grown-up foods that you decide to taste and discover that you like them and just because they were great or something, you never gave them a second chance as a child and have missed out.  That or I'm just crazy and have learned the hard way how to appreciate the silly little things.

So, today it is mint.  Love it.  Want to grow it. Am trying. But, it isnt growing fast.  I've always heard to never plant mint in with other plants because it will take over your flower bed.  Well, I'm waiitng for it to take over my plastic terra cotta flower pot and its not working! 

Sorry my posts have been so deep lately!  Seriously, I have some thoughts I've been mulling over to share with you, but its a lot easier and quicker to write pointless posts about herbs!


run as fast as you can

If you see a Cafe Express...run, run as fast as you can in the other direction.  Otherwise, you will be pulled in by its perfect cozy dining room.  It has all the things that make for a perfect summer restaurnat.  Outside patio tables under white umbrellas and an inside dining room reminiscent of a European deli.  The faux marbled turquiose tables and wooden chairs beckon you to sit and STAY.  It has free wifi and a menu that confuses the mess out of you because everything sounds perfect.  It is all made fresh, on-site.  The sountrack mix that plays is only reminiscent of a fabulous pandora station - you know the one you listen to to put you in a good mood because it is so eclectic that you never get tired of the playlist.  While dining, you get the vibe you just got off the beach on on a wonderful relaxing family vacation.   (only to get back in your car and be abruptly reminded that you are in the middle of a city as you fight traffic on your way home!)

Once you get your food, you head to the condiment station.  Which I can only imagine there are sevearl of in heaven.  Everything you could want from banana peppers, garbanzo beans, marinated carrots and capers are waiting for you if you desire.  Any type of mustard or salad vinegar that you could want to add a little kick to your selection sits adorning these clear hollywood party shelves.

So, I'm telling you...run, it will draw you in and make you want to eat dinner there too!  (I'm just sayin)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I need to appologize for my entry yesterday.  It was abstract and probably didnt make sense...welcome to my world!

I know I could just easily delete it and start over or even pretend it didnt happen, but that's not authentic or organic...so I'm leaving it there.  The bare, raw, strange part of my inner thoughts.

So, enjoy...pick it apart and realize "hey, we can't be perfect all the time!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so, I fell in love today

...with a new restaurant.

Blue Baker - it is all the things I love- free wifi, fresh food-like the made from scratch and use less ingredients kind, fun atmosphere and in a college town, and they had this amazing roasted poblano soup that I've already tried to google and I cant find a recipe...but, lucky for me, my mom likes to experiment and can usually figure out something like that.

While driving to the city that the above named restaurant is located, I drove through several small towns. Now, I love the back roads. You see country that you don’t usually get to see and I love a barn, a field with yellow flowers and longhorns, and country homes more than most. But, I noticed something as I drove into each of these cities. All of them had "historic downtowns". After seeing these "historic downtowns", I was hit with a thought...What exactly makes a downtown historic?

I grew up in Dallas and we all know that...so, I get the "historic downtown" thing - I mean we killed a President in ours. But, seriously, how can every small town be historic...and this is not just a Texas thing. Although we do like to tell "tall tales" more than the average American.

One town even listed "Recognized on the National Registry". So, ok, I'll give that one to them. But, what about the other cities around them.

And, I'm even more convinced today that 18-wheelers should have their own highway system. SERIOUSLY!

I had lunch with a friend today and was reminded what forgiveness can do for the soul. She has taught me a lot in life about what grace and unconditional love are and I'm the better for it. I was challenged today.

Dinner last night with an old friend reminded me - how much I've learned since I started a career 6 years ago, how fun a Texas summer night can be, the definition of being a young professional and my favorite things about summer.

So, in summary - I've got to figure out how every city can claim "historic downtown" and what qualifications have to be in place to give it that title, good solid friendships really do make the world go round, and when in Aggie Land eat at Blue Baker. The end.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

on the road again

I have a friend from high school whose dad, husband and another guy are on the road together to break their own world record. In 1997, they set the world record for driving through the 48 states using the least amount of fuel. In 99 they broke that record and set the record at 104 hours and 57 minutes. Since then, several people have attempted to beat them, but haven’t followed the rule correctly (and, if there was anything that drew this friend and I together it was because we were rule followers!...so, she is from good stock).

This week, the boys have set out to break their record once again, while following all the rules and make it something nearly impossible to reach!

I love it. I love the concept of a challenge and I love that they have set out something fun to do and accomplish together and stopped everything to do it (of course they have some good women behind them keeping things running while they are gone)..those are all the things WE at bigpittstop are committed to!

They are keeping a really fun blog going with pics and video of the progress so far.

Check out: 48in96

And, if you live in the DFW area, they have been keeping close contact with the ABC affiliate WFAA. I think there have been some spots on the Early Show and this feature as they set out. And, this article ran in the Dallas Morning News Monday.

Think about it. What record would you want to break? And, what have you set out to do and not accomplished yet? Is it time to drop everything and mark something off your bucket list...you do have a bucket list don’t you?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

better than a hallejuah

Here's a song that has really been speaking to me lately...

..(make sure you pause the music on the playlist on the left)

...may you be blessed by these lyrics..

I think there are a few things that I could add to her list...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

fly to Jesus

This morning, my sweet friend Jim Watts went to be with Jesus.

Jim was that guy at church that you wanted to see every Sunday because he greeted you with an encouraging word and a big bear hug. If you were down, he listened and then said something caring and funny to pick you up. Some of my earliest memories trying to get to know people at my church when I first joined were fellowships with Jim behind the grill. One of my most favorite things is a homemade hamburger and I swear he could make one (with his special spices) that could win a contest.

As I was finishing up my treatments in 08, Jim was diagnosed with colon cancer, and we walked the journey together over the past several years. His sweet wife Phyllis, or "Mama Bear" as Jim called her, has been through her own treatment and surgeries as well for cancer and their attitude going through this together was so strong.

Phyllis is a "put on your big girl panties type of girl" (now you know why we get along so well) and their strong faith has touched my heart. Jim always wanted to be at church if he could. He usually ran the camera at the end of the main aisle at church. And, when I was on the stage for Praise team, it was always an encouragement to see him back there. Even when he was too sick to be there, Phyllis comes and just sings her heart out. It’s amazing to watch someone who is worshiping through this type of experience. Her smile is so pure and you can tell it is from a clean heart that has a special relationship with her Lord.

When I got the news this morning, my heart hurt. And, as I read through comments on her facebook page this afternoon, my heart was full of memories of our sweet friend Jim.

I'm not sure when I will understand why the good ones have to go. It just doesn’t make sense. All I can believe is that we serve a faithful God and if His promises are true, then we have to believe that when we are in the pit, He loves us and still has the best intentions for us.

I cannot imagine or begin to feel what Phyllis and her girls are going through. They are my age, and they just lost their daddy.

I lost a friend, a cancer hero, a journey traveler, an encourager, a faithful man. And, as much as we love him, I can only imagine that His Father loved him more. And when he flew to heaven, he was greeted with a "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

May today inspire me to live everyday differently. And, may I not quickly forget how important it is love people and serve them with whatever God has laid before me. We are each given one go round...how will we spend it?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

homage to ruru

Sometimes I just like to wear dresses...I miss having a reason to dress up (she stated while still wearing her church dress at 9 o'clock sunday night)...somthing I never thought I would hear her say

I dont like tapping

umm...yes, ok - her answer to everything

si, si supueda - is her answer in the affirmative

everyday at school, she tries to get her kids to teach her a new Spanish word

when she wants to be annoying, she "meows" like a kitty

you can get her to do anything...like quit pestering you...by pulling her hair

dont ask her about putting up laundry when we were little unless you want to hear a story that is borderline sibling abuse...we are talking tying a purse strap to a laundry basket and the other end to her belt loop...she would drag the basket and I would put the laundry away...

Corduroy the Dog and Ice Cream Shop with our bicycles were our favorite sibling games to play

She is purple, I am pink

she can make a game out of anything

her new favorite thing is to paint...and she is very good at it

Dont leave any treasures on your curb, becasuse she is going to confiscate them, sand them, stain them, paint them or whatever it takes to make a completely new treasure out of them

She thinks through everything in the longest most drawn out decision making process, I'm spontaneous

she is the best traveling partner

she likes to experiment with vegetables

if the way she treats her garden is a sign of anything, she is very nurturing

she is the resident nurse

she is so hardheaded...like in an only child kind of way

she loves to play supermarket sweep and find things in the grocery store...it is still one of our favorite places to go

she doesnt like making decisions, but is compliant to do anything

She is my definition of patience...like picture in the dictionary kind of patience

She is very creative and loves teaching

She is the kind of friend you want to have, and want to be

She is the epitomy of chill pill

she is the best kind of little sister for a completely Type A, obsessive compulsive, control freak big sister..if that kind of person even exists!

She is 25 years of craft making, hair pulling, lower lip pouting, childhood playmate, snack numbering, fair playing, let me get my way, ubber supportive, quiet spirit, loyal ball of symmetry all mixed together

Happy Birthday Baby Sister...I love you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, I've written before and confessed my obsession with coupons and a good deal. Well, my sister might like couponing just a little bit more than I do. So, for her Wednesday birthday celebration, we stopped by and collected these goodies before church...guess how much we spent?

$1.29...yes you read that right...free spicy sandwiches at Chick-fil-A and our lady offered us free drinks because we had to wait so long for them.  Then, free Jr. Frosty's at Wendy's with a purchase.  All we had to pay for were the fries!

That makes one Happy Birthday girl!

Oh, fyi, a Jr. Frosty is about the size of a shot glass and their special little lids have a "x" in the top for a straw.  Not sure what the straw hole is for, but it was cute.

memorial (birth) day

Monday, we took advantage of the holiday and celebrated my sister's birthday...the big 25. I know...such a young little pup... Anyway, we had so much fun in the West End in Dallas. We went to the Bodies Exhibit...I was really excited about it, kinda nervous that it might get a little too personal, but so good and, I feel like I learned a lot. The bodies are all unclaimed from the Chinese government. Not typically the most "muscular", but it was really neat to see all the systems (nervous, bone, muscular) together and separate. They even had an example of what Hodgkin’s Disease looked like. It was the lymph system from the tongue down through the upper parts of the digestive system and you could see all the infected lymph nodes around the throat. Really cool after every thing I've been through to see that from the inside. They also had a set of lungs that had been exposed to lots of smoking and compared it with healthy lungs, definitely made you want to leave the Marlboro's behind (not that I brought any with me). They also had a section in the back about the development of the fetus that was really powerful. It started at the 5 month stage and went in week sequence of development. Anyone who is for abortion should have to look at that. It really puts things in perspective for you. That was a really cool exhibit.

Later, we walked around downtown and then had lunch at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. That place never disappoints, although the same nostalgia of sitting in the trolley when I was younger was completely gone because it was about 90 degrees in there!

We ended the day (well, our excursion) at the Highland Park Pharmacy. So fun...I've heard about their fountain drinks, but never been. We split a Orange freezee (tasted like a creamy Flintstones Push-up) and a chocolate shake. You just don’t know what you are missing.

Such a fun day and the partyin will continue all week!

final results

So, wondering what all dad finished while he was here?  Well. in addition to fixing the flood in my basement adding some nice security features to keep out the boogie man, he stripped down my light pole out front to find a really cool copper lantern..

but, we decided it was too much work to try and restore it to its original finish...so we just painted it black.  Actually, I painted it..I'm actually proud that this was a part I did

and, I laid mulch in all the front flower beds..who knew something so simple could look so good.  I think I'm addicted...for the record, I'm a big hopeagri fan!

and, he helped me get all my front porch pots fixed...I'm thinking this is cilantro that is trying to grow

and the early signs of basil, although I think this might be too many in one small place (oops)

and then the summer fern.  I love these things...lets just see if I can keep one alive