Monday, April 26, 2010

sad face

So, Relay was amazing this weekend.  So fun...i'm still trying to catch up on the sleep.  But, my computer has a little sickness and went to the when I get it back, I'll share pics with ya.


Friday, April 23, 2010

sheer amazingness

So, I came home yesterday and saw this on my porch...and got really excited...and wanted to do a little dance because...

...this was inside....

I placed this order on Jan 10th, but it was a pre-order for Plan B, so I had to wait on the Pioneer Woman too...sad day.  I cant wait to look through it....there is already talk of a summer supper club!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

birthday bonanza

So, I got to celebrate my birthday this weekend with the fam.  Mom made cajun chicken pasta with broccoli and asparagus (my two favorite veggies...gotta eat your greens), garlic bread, tropical tea, and PINK LEMONADE PIE.  I've had pink pie every year for as long as I can remember. 

You can see why I want a new just doenst do the same for inside pictures.

This is when you know you are a big girl! 
I dont even have anything to put in it, but dad always takes care of me and
thinks of things I dont even know I need.

Last night, I went out with some friends and had so much fun with their kids at dinner. 
I'm so blessed by so many great friends.  Yesterday was a super fun day!!!!

Pound cake with strawberries - check, Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing - check,
really yummy homemade cupcake cookies - check...Calories that don't count on your birthday - Wahoo!!!

Tomorrow night continues the celebration...if you are in town,
Join us at Relay for Life
Rock 'n Roll All Night
HSU Gym 6pm-6am
(If the weather's good, we will be at the football field)

We love celebrating LIFE!!!


Adventures out East

While I'm still fully convinced that I'm a city girl, I just cant help myself when it come to wide open fields with barns and cows in them. These pictures just don’t do justice to the fields I saw Monday on my travels through East Texas. I went down some roads this week that I've not been on in at least 3 years. And, they seemed more alive than I had ever seen them. So, apparently April is wildflower (or at least the wildflowers I like!) month in East Texas.
Does anyone know the name of this amazing yellow happiness that covers these fields?

**By the way, I always love the odd looks of people who pass me when I'm taking these pictures. It is definitely a moment from Sweet Home Alabama, city come to the country. I can only imagine that they are wondering why I'm taking a picture of their old, broken down barn and their cows. I'm obsessed, I don’t know what to tell you! There is a reason people come here when they retire!**

Red barn

Do you want me to smile

Buried to their knees (wait, do cows have knees?)

Yellow Happiness (field bug included)

This just makes me want to bust out in a "Texas" Song

For all you Arknsans who've never seen an Indian Paintbrush...
I mean really what do you people learn about in Botany here?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 miles celebrating life

This weekend was our 5K Sprint for Cancer in Las Colinas.  Such a fun thing to do together as a family. 
I think we should do more....but, my dad might disagree.

Such a fun way to celebrate my birthday with my family!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wisteria Lane Adventure

Pink Bliss


I'm in love

Along the Way

Age Old

From the Ground
(this was a headstone I found in a little family cemetery)

Along the Lines


Get in Gear

Avoid This

C'aint Sit Here

Billy Bob

I've heard the story that when I was a child we were at a zoo and a calf was eating, much like the one below and I yelled out "Look its getting milk from it's mommy"  That's all I could think of becuas eI know my dad would have taken the opportunity to remind me in that whiny high pitch voice that I apparently talked inw hen I was a know the one.

Profile Pic

You have to avoid this when you are taking pics in the corral

Dont' make me come over there

Hey Stranger



Eagle Eye

Natural State

yes, this was in the back of a cemetery...I couldnt resist.

If you are interested in seeing 500 more where these came from, you can visit my photo share site.