Friday, January 15, 2010


If you missed this episode of Oprah missed a treat. I sat and just cried (you know the big kind that you can’t stop from happening, that just hang in the outside corner of your eye). It was so good. Here's a video of the sweet surprise!

And, as I sat crying at the Oprah Show, I thought, why? Why do I cry watching TV shows. It just happens, always when I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, usually when I watch a Hallmark movie, sometimes during a "give away moments", "surprises", Lifetime Movies, Grey's Anatomy, or Friday Night Lights.

Then, it hit me... I really thought about this long and hard last night...I'm moved by humanity. It moves me when “haves” (and I don’t just mean the wealthy) reach out to “have-nots”. When people stop their busy lives and focus on someone else. When people sacrifice their time to honor another. When people are stuck in a rut and have a breakthrough and, moments like yesterday when a family member is honoring the life of another and people recognize the efforts and do what they can to help out.

Maybe it’s my new job, but I'm always impressed by companies that step up with these challenges and help push them over the brink.

For example, CVS Cares has done some great partnering with Extreme Makeover. Yesterday, Paula Deen and Lowe's made some breakthroughs for a family trying to make a difference in the lives of the organizations that helped their son in the final days of his life. I have so much respect for moms who choose to use an opportunity like a birthday or holiday to have gifts or donations made in their child’s honor to charities instead of brining more toys.

They don’t have to do that, none of these organizations have to, but I love that CHOOSE to. Maybe there are false motives, but I like to think and for a moment, we get it! We understand it’s not about getting, but giving. That the world does not revolve around us. That needs are EVERYWHERE. That we can do small things and make a big difference. That poverty, misfortune, hurt, pain, heartache, and loss are all in our neighborhood and it’s our responsibility to do what we can.

I'm also reading Same Kind of Different as Me right now, getting ready for the Bloom book club and it is transforming my thoughts. Which may not be good, because it makes me want to do more! But, it is so good and I just found out they have come out with a second book, and I can’t wait to read it, too.

Anyway, those were the thoughts on my heart today. Enjoy your day and make a difference this weekend!

**And, so you dont think I'm totally leaving out a huge need right now, I do recognize all the things going on in Haiti, I've just not decided yet what I want to do, but I do encourage you to do something.  Red Cross and  Compassion International are two places collecting donations.,Their needs are big and I love that all the blogs I follow and all over twitter and facebook, people are doing something.**


Monday, January 11, 2010


You know you are in trouble when you sign in to your google reader and it says you have "more than 200" unread items.  Ok, I'll give it to you, that's manageable, then you keep scrolling and it goes to problem, then 420, then "more than 500" and now 540.  Yikes.  I wonder if it will ever end?  So, I might have been overzealous with my added subscriptions.  But, I found stuff that I want to find again! 

It probably didnt help that I was reminded today about how I need to make my life count by listening to this...its a good thing I dont live closer to Nashville, or I might have to cheat on my church.  Yes, I listen to sermons sometime as background noise while I'm doing office work.  Yes, I turn it off when I'm making phone calls, but I soak up some good wisdom while I'm writing notes!

I did think of a really inspirational post this weekend, but I didnt write it down.  I had one of those "big girl weekends":
  • I purged my kitchen of old snack foods...and, I got very mad at myself.  There are starving people in my community and I had to toss out a FULL trashbag of food, some of which went out in 2008.  I also got mad at the "stock-pile" I've created.  I know its a smart to buy when things are on sale and you have a coupon, but is also wasteful to buy just because its on sale and you have a coupon (someday, i'm going to do a post on my little obsession with couponing...hey, a single girl has to have something to do in a small town on weekend nights).  I'm really trying to be diligent to use the things I have (which is way too much).  I'm having a difficult time with Excess. 
  • I washed the new sheets I got for my guest bed and I re-made the whole bed so that its pretty.  I'm sure my dad won't appreciate it as much as I do when he comes next week, but I know he will notice, and thats all that matters.
  • I put away all my christmas stuff from last week when I got home and I've washed and put away all the laundry from being gone. The smell of clean laundry makes my heart patter.
  • My house is clean (thanks to the tazmanian devil that I turned into before I left for 3 weeks) and when I walked down the hall this morning before I left, I took a deep sigh in the fact that there was nothing in my way.  It really is the simple pleasures in life.
  • Oh, and I candied almonds 30 minutes before I went to small group to put on my spinach salad lthat I took last night.  Seriously, those were amazing.
I'm sure I'll gain motivation in a coming weekend to clean out my office area and do some organizing I want to do in my basement, but until then, I'm going to stay curled up under a blanket and watch TV (and yes, most of my DVR did get cleaned out this weekend). 


Saturday, January 2, 2010

pittman christmas

Pittman Christmas, hanging out with the fam.  What a great way to spend my first Saturday of 2010...this might be an ok year after all!

And, for the record after careful thought, I decided that 2009 wasnt so bad-

I started a new job. I paid off my car. I had my one year remission anniversary! I went to Italy and spent 10 amazing days with my sister (which only gave me the fever to want to travel more and she is a good traveling buddy, maybe I can talk her into saving up for something else). I went to Washington DC to see another great friend and well, be a nerd in the nation's capitol for a day. I got settled in my new house. I cheered on my sister as she finished her first (and probably only) marathon and as she walked across the stage to get her Master's. I was listed in the 20 to Watch, but I'm sure the watching is over...or at least hopefully the creepy kind any way! Several friends had babies and watching them grow is already so much fun! I discovered Eat This Not That and the amazingness that is Google Reader (which has transformed my life). I made my first two quilted items. My Papa turned 90!!! And, I learned some really good (and some disturbing) things about myself (I love self growth and discovery!). Probably most important, I spent a lot of great time with my family and learned how interesting it must be for my parents to have two 20-something single daughters. But, it could be worse, we could be hanging out with stinky, hairy-legged boys!

So, not so shabby for a year.  I'll take it and move on!

Whether it's:
  • 2010, we will win
  • 2010, gonna get thin
  • 2010, gonna read more
  • 2010, gonna spend less
  • 2010, gonna save more - pay off more
  • 2010, help more
Maybe this will be the year!

Oh, and ps, for those of you who actually visit my blog site, I'll work on updating the playlist.  I've just realized how long these songs have been up here.