Saturday, July 31, 2010

zim zam zoom

Today, we went to the circus in Dallas.  So fun.  We added it up and its been at least 15 years since any of us attended a circus.  I'll admit, it was a little different than when I was 5, but there is something to nostalgic and amazing to watch magic unfold under the disguise of clowns, tight rope / trapeze artists, the elephants walking around holding each others tails, the black stallion, the Chinese ribbon dancers, the dog tricks, the tiger cage and the other feats of balance that keep you on the edge of your seat.  I was disappointed that there was not a motorcycle trick act.  But, we had 45 minutes on the floor before the show started and it was live action at its finest. 

They told us before the show that we could not bring our cameras, so you will have to settle for the shots I got with a disposable camera...hey, it kept me entertained!

with Larry the clown...I commented that this guy was probably a huge dork in high school, but is living out his dream!  They say if you can find something to do that you love, you will never work a day in your life.

I know its not all roses, but there must be something to traveling around on the 2 mile long Ringling Bro. train with the 412 people that it takes to entertain us and run the circus.

So fun, this guy was obsessed with NEON...completly 80's. 
He was the colorful version of Magee and Me...Anybody?

Playing a little dress-up...those costumes are heavy...and I cnt imagine how much they stink after the show.  Imagine doing the laundry for this group!

The trapeze artists were right above our head.  I didnt think I could handle it. 
That always scares me to death!  They ride bicycles across a wire...I'm always amazed.

How fun would it be to take two years and travel with the circus?  Their train is like a full city on the tracks.  I tried to talk my sister into working for their school.  She had a good point that they would probably be bored with the physical education stuff she teaches.  I mean their parents are trapeze artists after all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so perfect

Saw this pic today and it completly made my day. 

Somewhere along the way I became a font snob (probably from my font savont friends) and this would have to be one of my biggest peeves!  I'm a serious nerd!

I also heard on the radio today about this girl...seriously is she really doing this? At least there is service component...if she doesn't find a man, she is giving the wedding to a deserving couple. And, she is organizing her men on a spreadsheet...oh a woman after my own heart (I mean, you have to have men to organize on a spreadsheet, so there's that).  Whomever designed those was the ultimate Type A personality and should win a humanitarian award.  I mean really, you can create complete peace from chaos with a good spreadsheet!

Enough now, I'm rambling.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Tonight, I have the amazing opportunity to share my personal story with a group of high school students and in the process challenge them to get involved in their local Relay events.  I'm so excited.  This is the reason I know I went on my cancer journey...surely this gift for gab is good for something.  I'm really excited about it.

We are sharing this video with them:

I'm so excited to learn more about this group of Arkansas leaders (its the Presidents of each of the Student Councils).  Some might say future leaders, but given the things they have already accomplished, I'm convinced they have already arrived!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

light up the Dome

Arkansas Friends, we have a really cool opportunity.  On Friday night, the American Cancer Society is sponsoring a great event.  Its called Light Up the Dome.  HOPE will be spelled out on the Capitol lawn through lumniaries honoring those who are personally affected by cancer.  You can get an early start on fundraising for your local event.  Make sure and be a part of this awesome event.

Check out: Light up the Dome for more details!

You can contact Carrie Donnell at the main ACS office in Little Rock for more questions, but make sure to print off the order form on the link above.

Get involved...our gifts are making a difference!

so proud

I know I always give her a hard time for all the crazy things she does, but I'm so proud of my mom. Thanks to my good friend Harper, I get to see all the fun things going on at Funshine at the Park this summer. It’s basically a Mother's Day out program with a fun summer twist. The first week, was the week of July 4th and they had a Thursday parade around the church and some of the houses that the church owns and our ministers live in. Last week was a circus theme and I've heard there was a visit by Lulu the clown..I'm holding out for those pics! This week is all about water fun and today they had a water play day and then on Thursday a Coast Guard guy is coming to talk to the kids about water safety.

When I was talking to my mom today, I told her I was so impressed. She just pulled all this stuff out of the air a few weeks before summer started. To which she replied, "Well actually, I just pulled it out of my head". That’s amazing to me.

My mama is so creative. She loves kids, loves teaching them new things and about Jesus. Growing up, everything at my house was an opportunity for fun. She would somehow manage to make a game out of housework...just ask my sister..there was a trash collecting game. I'm afraid it wore off on both of us. I'm the party planner and my sis is the amazing magician when it comes to kids.

I must say, she is a good woman to be a reflection of!


Monday, July 12, 2010


When I was home for the July 4th weekend, my mom and sis and I spent a rainy Friday in downtown Ft. Worth. Consider it training for our pending trip to Philly. Anyway, we stopped at this fun little burger joint for lunch. It was everything it promised...corner store, hole-in-the-wall, family operated (complete with a deaf grandpa who I was nice and smiled at and made a new friend with…it tested all my communication skills..I caught myself talking louder, like he was going to hear me),50's-diner-in-the-middle of the city kind of GOODNESS.

Zippy's is the place to be. The music was great. The service fast and friendly. And, you know it’s a good place when locals and business women in suits fill the booths. We picked the ranch style bar tables in the center of the room. Perfection.

yes, cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese and crinkle fries

my sis got a Southwest Grilled Chicken sandwich that was basically a fajita on a wheat was so good and those lovely golden brown disks you see are fried pickles.  So good.

It did not disappoint.  I completely, wholeheartedly, undeniably recommend this place!!!! 
And looking at these pics makes me crave it already.  So, if you find yourself wandering around downtown Ft. Worth, you are fool if you pass this one up!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We went down to the Ft. Worth stockyards on Friday and then Saturday morning, mom and Resa were in the Irving parade. An "on assignment" camera guy interviewed dad and I about the parade and apparently, we made the news. I've yet to see the interview and I can only imagine. After the guy asked me "why a local parade vs. a big city parade" and got my answer, he was surprised to find out I have a degree in communications...Got him!

Right before the Cattle Drive
Come on boys...
yes, for my Arkansas friends, those are real live Texas Longhorns!!!

This is dad's "why am I up this early on a Saturday to sweat and watch a parade
..oh yea, so I can be on TV" face
I love bagpipes, why are they not playing those things...oh yea, they were still trying to figure out how to step in line together...and, it was too early in the morning for a men to be wearing skirts
Nimitz High School band..I must confess they always have the best drumline
motorcycle church
right after I took this pic, the kid chunked candy from the car and hit his dad in the face with it...
I'm sure it was a long morning for the two of them
the local celebrities we came to see
our children's ministry at home as a red firetruck..its cool they are able to use it for all kinds of things
yes friends, that is woman balancing a watermelon on her head, she was spinning in cirlces and dancing too.
I know I was confused too, I thought I was back in Arkansas
I really think they could have picked a bigger guy to ride in this thing

So, why a local community parade vs. downtown Dallas?  Community.  You know these people, you can call them by name and they know you back.  It gives you a chance to come together as a community and support each other - schools, business, politicians and churches, it doesn't matter we are all here supporting each other.  These are the people you work with, you go to church with and you just do "life" together.  and this gives you an opportunity to support each other and re-establish community pride.

~Oh, and I chose not to take pictures of the girls in flag bikinis - God Bless America~

Father's Day

So, let's play catch up for a minute.  for Father's Day, we had a NOLA feast.  APparently this is the first year that we decided what we wanted dad to have instead of asking...but he still ate it all anyway...

At the last minute, we raided mom's jewlery and put on every long necklace we could find....I think we looked more like two crazy gypsy girls...but it was fun.  We also pulled up some jazzy music and had a parade as dad came into the dining room

our parade was complete with a little lobster!

RC Cherry has made a come back and dad loves floats, so that's what we had for dessert (we found out later that dad has had homemade fudge every year since his first father's day and this was the first one without it...I guess were we having a "diet" dinner without chocolate!)

That's dad's I'm tolerating this face!

Man, he cleans up pretty nice...

With Papa!
Dad and his girls