Monday, May 31, 2010

we remember

Today is Memorial Day and I'm continually amazed at the special way people remember this day. I heard yesterday day that Memorial Day was actually originally set to remember those who lost their lives in the Civil War. Who knew? Now, we use the day to remember all those you have given their lives in any war. I recently completed something that I'm really proud of. My grandad fought in WWII and when I was in DC in the fall, I noticed that his name was not listed in the registry at the WWII Memorial. So, I talked to dad and got the information (well, I had to update the original info I put in). Anyway, the original version has been approved and they have him listed now in the registry. I've added some more info that hasn’t been updated yet, but here's what they have listed right now.

Henry Doris Pittman


U.S. Army


Winnsboro, TX



To see if someone you know is listed you can visit the memorial website at

May we never forget those who have committed everything for us.  And, we celebrate with a day off work, playing on the lake with a cookout...that sounds so trivial to put it like that, but even the freedom to have a job and then a day off is a complete luxury...may we always be grateful.


Friday, May 21, 2010

my special helper

Well, my special helper arrived yesterday.  And, he had a party with the power washer.  Wonder what my water bill will look like this month between him and leak a couple weeks ago...oh well.  I'm really glad my dad's here.  I love it when my family comes to visit and dad just by himself is more fun.  I get to spoil him that way.  As long as you keep bringing the brownies, sweet tea and chocolate milk, you can talk him into fixing about anything!! 

He has dug a new drain ditch for my driveway and I think there was a stack of mulch in my front yard.  Who knows what's next.

(needless to say we will be doing some laundry tonight)
When I got home, I felt like we were in a commercial for special use for tile did a wonder on the outside of my house...I live in a white house...not a mossy green one!
the machine of choice...
and, this little helper came to visit too...I was reminded at 4 this morning why I dont have a dog...she was done sleeping and wanted to get up and run around...and then at lunch, dad left his chair out and she made her way to the table and had his plate on the floor and spotless when we walked back in the room...she really liked the brownie!

Gotta go, there is a shovel with my name on it...this should be interesting.  I busted my keester last night in the mud and water and messed up my knee and hip...I'm sure there are more battle wounds in store!!

Thanks dad for coming to help me out....someday I'll have a man so you dont have to do this stuff!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dedicated to God

That's what her name means, and it was such a special day. I stayed here this weekend (I know, it was Mother's day, but I talked to my mama 3-4 times...does that count?) I spent the day with my college roommate Brooke and her family. She and her husband Robert recently became parents of sweet Baby Eva and it was such a special day. The last time I was in Cabot was for her baby shower and it was such an emotional day. But, this service topped it. I just couldn’t quit crying.

You see, after hard years of trying to get pregnant and more than one miscarriage, Brooke and Robert had a hard decision to make. They could continue to try and do things on their own or, they could let God do His thing. Those were really hard weeks for them and their courage and testimony of God's faithfulness is amazing. They give Him all the glory for the hard days. In November they got the call they had been waiting for and Baby Eva was on her way! The pictures and images of their first few moments together are amazing and watching them be parents (the thing they wanted to be so bad), is breathtaking.

Sunday morning was so special as Brooke spent her first Mother's Day dedicating her sweet baby girl to God. It was an emotional service and I think I scared the kid in front of me because I couldn’t quit crying. It’s amazing what God can do when we let him work.

And, I must admit, it’s even more amazing when you participate with Him. I haven’t seen Eva in a few weeks and she is starting to look like her daddy. I am completely convinced God had this all planned!

She is precious and I had a wonderful day with the Ramsey's and the Smith’s. Brooke is like a sister to me and I'm discovering a fun part of your 20's is watching your girlfriends become mom's. This really is one of life's greatest pleasures...I think I learn more about my friends by watching them be a mom.

I know right....

meet Reba (maybe Roxie is her middle name)

Well, so I caved and I got my new camera.  I'm loving it...of course I dont get to play as much as I want and I know I got more camera than I need, but I can already tell it takes better pictures and that was what I wanted it for!

Introducing, new Rebel T1i ( I kinda like Roxie too, I'm still trying to decide.  Which would be a better middle name?  I like to call people by their first and middle name, so why not do the same with my Roxie reminds me of my show I love Army Wives...anybody?)

I will admit, she is a little high-maintenance already.  I forget that when you buy a new camera, you have to get a new bag, special memory cards, lenses if you want to do anything, filters, etc, etc, etc!  So, Reba and all her extra friends have moved in.  We will see how it all works out...we are still getting used to each other.

Here are some of the things I've been able to document in our first week together:

the books on my coffee table

one of my "left over pork loin" was so yummy...toasted bagel, spinach, pork loin, peppercorn Harvarti cheese, sliced pear, and asian salad dressing..with pringles and chips...its just doesnt get much better

Another creation, this time salad with strawberries and pears..that dressing will change your life

my basil seeds started doing something

and my marigolds are still alive...cross your fingers!
and, since we have to be honest, I found this guy in my window sill, I finally picked him up...with my fingers!

then there was last weekend...I woke up and found this in my side yard
(that's a busted water main..that had been spewing for 12 hours)

and led to this..yes, if you had a canoe, you could have used it

then there was this...

and this in my yard when I got home from church

all because my stree got struck by lightening...

yeah, I, those are my first few days with the new camera

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Choose You PSA with Ellen Pompeo

Check out this great video that came out today as part of a new campaign for women against cancer.  The more we do together the more we prevent together!

Choose You PSA with Ellen Pompeo

Monday, May 3, 2010

not much to say

well, I don’t really have much to write about...

I could tell you about how I didn’t really take very many pics at Relay for Life so when I just uploaded them to my computer so I could post them on here, I didn’t really have I cant...but I won't mention that... (maybe someone has some good ones I can steal from facebook!)

or, how my computer at work has a virus and its been at the hospital since last Tuesday and the doctor wont release it because the virus is still working its way around campus and it is still very susceptible until that is fixed and I cant get any work done...but I’ll leave that out..

or, that I planted some marigolds in the pots on my porch right before the Saturday evening STORM...

or, that the aforementioned storm might have had a lightening bolt in it, that might have struck the tree by my house, that might have burst a pipe that ran for 12 hours, that might have flooded my basement and, might have thrown a switch to my AC and knocked it out, that there might have been a bulldozer in my front yard when I got home from church yesterday...but since they fixed my water and the amazing maintenance guys at Ouachita fixed my AC today, I'll leave that out....

or, that my Google Reader just says "(1000+)" in the "bolded unread area"...and that overwhelms me in ways that you don’t even there will be some "marked all unread" before I leave.

But since I don’t have anything to talk about, I'll leave you with these

thankfully a little kid showed up right before they said go, so I didnt actually have to make 10 spins and then try to run to the other end of the court...its a sight, after "the big spill" last year, I fully decided that anything involving standing on your head and spinning is not for me...I'm so over roller coasters.

I hope he will still be my friend for posting was a game...he is such a good sport...actually what I really wish I had were pics of the guys who played the "Look Good Feel Better" game that involved cosmetic kits...I'm on a hunt...but the OBU guys were not eligible, so nothing to incriminate

All my amazing friends who are so good to support and participate in Relay for of the good things about having it inside was internet (like Pioneer Woman, blogger, and baseball) was a lot easier to stay awake all night this year!
You can't take those two anywhere..

If you've never been to a Relay event, one of the special things they do is a luminary celebration.  All the lights go out and we do a full walk in complete silence to remember and honor those affected by cancer

On Saturday, mom and I worked in my yard.  I had been wanting to plant some flowers.  I have no green thumb and I always forget to water my plants, but we will see.  I planted flowers in this bed and herbs in my pots on the porch.  Who knows if anything will actually come up...but it was a fun little activity!

she really enjoyed barking at the cars gowing up and down the road more than anything

I dont really do dirt, so this was pushing it!

But, I got new pretty pots and that helped inspire me...