Monday, March 29, 2010

God is still God

I saw this story posted on a blog today and I had to pass it along.  Please be praying for this family and all that 2010 is bound to bring them.

Zac Smith Story (Video)

You can also follow his blog here.

Here's my favorite line of the video and what I'm assuming is the reason he is still holding on and the truth that his family will cling to in the coming days:

"If God chooses to heal me, He is still God and He is still Good.  But, if God does not choose to heal me and I die, He is still God and He is still Good."

picture perfect

So, I'm in the business for a new camera.  Mine has had better days.  Well, it still takes great pics, it's just ghetto rigged to do it and I'm tired of dealing with it.  I've been saving up and I'm ready to take the plunge.

So, any thoughts?  I'm thinking basic SLR level.  I'm debating Canon and Nikon.  I've read a lot of reviews online and I think I know what I want.  But, I thought I would get some advice from know, people that I really trust.  So, what do you think?

What kind of camera do you own?  Do you like it or not?  What would you look for if you were getting a camera?  What would you do different from your last camera purchase?  Is there a beauty out there that you covet (I'm not trying to lead you to sin here!)?  Is there a great website out there that I should check for reviews, deals, or comparisons?


Monday, March 22, 2010


My week in NOLA

A little tour of the city...
there really are no words...
a little luck o'the Irish...or not...
Benjamin Button's House
Real World House
so worth the walk...even if we did a little hitch hicking
just think we had more dinner reservations in 3 hours!
before we were suffocated by the girl with the horrible Mississippi accent...really what age do you stop playing slugbug?
yes, this is for real..frozen in time

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

going green

Help me reach the Go Green Challenge with the Relay for Life organization - an extended program of the American Cancer Society.  Just click on the link below and follow to my personal Relay for Life page:

Keisha's Relay for Life Page

You have all day TODAY!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring has sprung

Look what happened at my house this weekend:

(sorry, I had my eyes closed in the other, since this is my blog, I get to pic the one with my eyes open..I can't remember the last time we all took a pic that someone didnt have their eyes closed)

(Well, this one didnt really happen at my house, but the roomies were in this weekend and we had so much fun together!  Not sure Eva is ready for all the excitement that comes with her mommy's firends)

I enjoy this time of year on our campus for several reasons:

This is why they call it the Natural State (well, there are probably some other the fishy smell that also accompanies the lovely white trees above)


domestic goddess

Yes, it was as good as it looks.  Last week for small group I made homemade pineapple pesto vinaigrette (sorry no link on that) and since "re-using" leftovers is a new game I like to play, I had at it. 

I really wanted some scallops and when you live in a small town, you either get the frozen kind (which arent all together that bad, they just are the big "beefy steak" kind - like they use at restaurants).  So, I had to go another route.  Tortilla crusted tilapia.  They had two fillets for $6 and they were already crusted for you. 

So, while the tilapia cooked, I made a spicy mango pineapple chutney and put it all over my mixed greens and vinaigrette.  It was two nights of dinner bliss.   


donut palace

So, last weekend, I had see about a month ago, I was craving homemade donuts after talking to my mom and then seeing Pioneer Woman make some (although mine were not as good as her fully homemade ones looked).  So, I did it.  I save my Saturday calories for dinner:

Which involved a few of my favorite ingredients...

The dough (only use the cheap kind)...

And, I mixed up some icing (I love to use leftovers to make up new concoctions)....

And then some of this (hey, I used Canola, not vegetable!)

poured into this

The dipping station is ready (in case you are wondering..the mixture in the orange bowl had to be remade, I thought mixing in some canned icing would be a a good idea...not that it was bad, but stick to the ole water and powdered sugar for the glaze..remember a little water goes a long way...the cow pattie looking mixture on the left was also replaced with just plain Nutella...I love that stuff and it served perfect for a chocolate glaze!)

Then the magic began....

Yeah, I tried not to think about this....

A plate full of the finished product....

Which made my face look like this..... (the holes are my favorite part.  Next time, I may just cut them all this size)

And, to set the record straitght, I'm fully aware that this goes against my "eat better" and "no processed foods" regiment I spoke of earlier this month...but sometimes you've got to live a little! 

Life it entirely too short not to eat donuts!  Plus, this was one of my favorite things we did growing up...My mom was much nicer than I have a feeling I'll be...we would dirty up pretty much every bowl in the kitchen with different things to dip our donuts in and she would just clean it all up...I would venture to say I probably had the neatest and cleanest counters through this process...can we say A.R.?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get with the Program

Well, I finally joined Relay for Life...ok, so I've been a member, I just finally got my page set up for this year.  Looking for a great way to support cancer?...well, really cancer research?...follow the link below and Join us in the Fight!!

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

You know I found out some very interestings today about the research that the American Cancer Society is doing....

Did you know that childhood lukemia is now 95% treatable thanks to the reseach and treatment development of a Texas man?

ACS funded the project to discover Herceptin?

Your state has programs funded for gas cards for those traveling to treatments, travel services for those who do not have transportation for appointments, make-up consultations for those going through treatment that need to know new ways to take care of thier skin?

Seriously, ACS is about more than just paying people to play with beakers all day...we are talking QUALITY of life here folks!  That's a really big deal!

Won't you join us?

In case you read my blog through a Google reader or other RSS feed service (I understand, that's how I do all mine), I've added a couple things to my should check them out!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Karaoke Videos

Again, a huge thanks to our contestants for the Relay for Life Karaoke...wonder how it went?

Randy/Travis - Bend me Shape Me - Representing Second Baptist Church

Casey Motl - Shout - Representing Ouachita Baptist University

It was a great night and between the Karaoke Challenge and the Kiss the Pig Contest on Saturday, we raised about $600 for Relay for Life!!!  It was a great weekend.

I have to share this video with you too, because she is amazing.  Jackie and her husband are the owner's of Dino's Main Street Cafe in Arkadelphia...which I'm obsessed with.  It was the venue for our event.  She Rocks!!!

Jackie can SANG!!! - Martina eat your heart out!


Bachelor Party

No, not that kind!

Last night some girls came over for a just the girls (like any man wanted to endure those three hours), break-up-food eating (Hello brownie was dangerous), vomit-twittering (there might have been several facebook comments too), gag-me with a spoon (or glorified ham sandwiches in our case), ABC Monday Night Primetime watching (ie, The Bachelor & After the Final Rose) gathering. Here's what the front porch and living room looked like:

I felt like nothing said "bachelor party" like candles leading to the front door...and, it made for a lovely scent outside when they all left.  It really was fun.  Way more fun than the ending of the Bachelor.

Which, looked like this!

A little vomit and lots of screaming! These are our disappointed faces....Hey Jake, do you remember when you said the good guy never wins?!? Yeah, that's what I thought...oh, you have to go with your heart...yeah, whatever. (we really planned to take more pics, but once we got involved with the TV show, it was time I'm starting the party 30 minutes after the show starts so we don’t have to watch commercials, I can't stand the suspense)

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that there is something to Vienna that none of us ever saw. I know the show can create her to be whatever they want her to be through editing.  So, you get a second chance...just this one time, but if I have to hear all the "baby" stuff during Dancing with the Stars, I'm going to puke for real.

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars...did anyone else see Kate Gosslin's interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night....I really dont know what I think about her. I think the blonde extensions have made her a new woman!

On a totally unrelated note, I read this article tagged on a friend's blog and I have one things to say (well as series of one things):

Didn’t we learn in elementary school that smoking is bad? If there is one quality that I think is simply disgusting, its smoking and I just don't understand how he could still be smoking. You are the President of the United States of America for Pete's sake (who is Pete anyway?)! I realize there are other skeletons he could have in his closet, but really? We get on to college athletes, Olympians, teachers, police officers, and big sisters for setting a bad example and its 2010 and the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, the father to two very smart and moldable young ladies IS STILL SMOKING!

As you already know I'm all for Oprah's movement for No Phone Zone (you are really lucky I was away from a computer on Friday or you would have a soapbox entry on that...stay off your phones people!), but can she take on No Smoking, as well? She and the Prez are all to him girl- straighten him out.

If colleges in Arkansas can go to a no-smoking policy, can't our President? Michelle Obama really comes across much classier than wanting to kiss an ashtray!