Monday, April 27, 2009


One of the things I really wanted to come back from Italy with was some art. Lucky for me, I found a couple pieces by two local artists. For my birthday, I had them framed (thanks to all who contributed) and they arrived this weekend! I just love them.

This one hangs on the wall above my couch. The picture does not do it justice. It has these awesome red and golden tones. The frame looks great against my "honey mustard" walls and with my dark furniture. It was exactly what I wanted! And, it's from Venice!!!!!
In case you are wondering the view is looking at Chisea Saint Lucia across the Grand Canal from St. Mark's Square. If you've been there, its basically on the main level by the Bridge of Sighs looking across the water. I love the little gondola guy in the front.

This is a close up of the center picture below. Its a ink drawing.
I bought it in Piazza Novana in Rome. I'm a sucker for starving artists,
especially when they are awesome

It is a view across the river of St. Peter's Basillica. I loved how the trees in the edges of the foreground make you feel like you are standing there peering over the river yourself.

They are on the wall above my bed the pictures on each side are ones I took in the Roman Forumn. The one on the left is of the Arch of Septimus Servus and the one on the right is the Temple of Vestal, both are amazing architectural structures.

I'm excited to have empty walls with something on them that I love!

say adios to cancer

did someone say chugging contest...sprite and summy worms...yuck!

cactus limbo - 2nd place

this is what happens when it is after midnight and you get cold
and tired of misquitoes biting your legs!

Jim and Phyllis Watts

I was one of the survivor was really cool

For the lumniary walk, they lit these in the stands.
For the 25th anniversary, the key word for ACS is HOPE.
Friday night was so much fun. I'm still exhausted, but I'm so glad my family came in and we had a chance to spend time together at something that means so much to us.
Plus any chance to hang out with the Babb's and Jones' is always fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My appointment yesterday went fine. It was just a 3 month check up and he said everything looked fine. My blood counts were perfect and he didnt see anything else. So, we truck along for 3 more months. Next I have PET scan in July to check staging and see that everything is moving forward. Yeah for good reports!

The saying of the day was... "What a difference a year can make!"

I did have a moment when I was in line to leave. There was a couple at the window in front of me and becasue you know I'm nosy (I like to call it interested and observant, but my sister told me after Italy that I'm just nosy..oh well..tell me something I dont know) I just observed their behavior. Several things happened that began to indicate to me that this was their first visit.

My heart began to break. I wanted to just stop everything and sit the woman down and just chat. She had on the cutest glasses and the prettiest silky black hair cut into a cute bob. I could tell she was struggling with all the news she had just received. Then, when her husband walked away to go to the restroom. I saw the one thing that indacted beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was about to start chemo.

In her hand was a white box with maroon colored writing. While I could not see the images on the box or fully make out the word, I knew they were of a bald male and female and the word that I could see was "Anzemet". That confirmed everything I was thinking.

The look in her eyes was that of my own exaclty one year ago. Is this really happening? Am I really scheduling my first chemo appointment? Did she really just give me directions about where to park across the street? What exactly did they tell me to do with the medicine in this box? I hope they wrote it on there, because I will not remember. Exactly what I am I supposed to do with all these papers? And wait a minute. What am I doing seeing an oncologist. They treat cancer. Wait, did that doctor just say I have cancer? And, why does everyone around me seem so comfortable here. So, ok with what is going on. My life just stopped and you people are just going on about life. None of this makes sense. Am I being punked? Who is playing this dirty joke on me? Why again did I have to take off today? Ok, I need to sit down. Someone pinch me so that I at least know I'm alive.

All of it replayed to me. It was such a small corridor, but the noise around it just stopped and I felt like it was just me and that woman standing there.

She finished at the window and it was my turn, but I couldnt let her stand there alone. I handed the lady at the counter my form and called out "Ma'am".

She turned and looked at me startled. Wondering why I had called to her and I'm sure trying to figure out why when she had looked at me moments ago, I had a smile on my face.

I just looked at her and told her that I did not know the news she had found out today, but I could see that she had a lot on her mind and that she was dealing with alot. I told her that she could fight this. That there would be days that it is hard, and on those days, you just fight harder. I told her that a year ago that I was standing in her exact position. I told her that she could do this and that she just had to fight through it.

As I spoke her eyes welled up and she gave me a hug. Oh how I love supporting people through this. I hate that new people have to have a day like that lady was experiencing, but maybe just maybe I went through this to be able to help others.

It was a very special moment. As I walked away, I knew I had done the right thing. I had no choice. Awkward or not, she needed someone to fight for her at that moment.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Time is short these days. I have so wanted to share with you what it all feels like a year later and had great intentions on March 25 and 26 to bring you those thoughts. It just takes time and my mind has been elsewhere lately.

For some reason, I feel like I need to apologize to you. Not that I have forgotten you, but that in some way I feel like I have let you down, by not coming to you the way I have over the last year. I promise you that I think of you often (my blog world of support). I want to continue to use this as a huge source of ministry and I will.

God has been teaching me some incredible things. It is amazing how he uses different things to remind us that He is in control. So, that is what I cling to..yet again!

God taught me a lot in Rome! Be looking for a post about the lessons I learned during/from the marathon. They are plentiful! I love you blog world, thank you for your support!

Italia Pics

Here is a link to my picture site. All the pics are not labeled yet, but they are all loaded. I hope you enjoy!