Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Please accept these random thoughts from my "killing time" excursion:

  • does anyone else think it is weird that we can make any place with free wi-fi our office? No matter what city it is in or what time of day it is.

  • The man next to me is completing "reference" calls for an interview he recently conducted. The good news is the I think they are going to hire the guy!

  • I guess my putting these thoughts out on the "www" defeats his "just between you and me" comment he keeps making over the phone to his co-workers

  • I think everyone should have to be walked/talked through a series of cell phone etiquette "non-negotiables" before anyone can purchase a cell phone and then be updated with each upgrade..and one of those includes when and where it is appropriate to use a cell phone and how loud you can talk in public... (I know that I talk loud on a cell phone, so I try not to use it in restaurants and stores!)

  • This same man just finished eating his lunch which was a bread bowl with soup in it. He smacked and slurped it and when I looked over to just glance at the mess that was ensuing...and he had potato soup slathered across his face...I didnt stare, but I wanted to

  • Then, to top it off, he finished it with an out loud burp. There are a lot of things that I will let you get away with in public...but being a grown business man who should know better than to burp out loud while other people are around you is just not going to cut it. He is really lucky he didn't get the "did you really just do that" look from my direction...I dont see a wedding ring, so I'm going to give him the benefit of not being trained better!

  • If you are anywhere near a Panera, you should check out some of the yummy sounding things they have on their menu...Cuban Chicken Panini, Black Bean Soup, BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad, and some salad that they just brought out to the lady next to me with all kinds of yummy looking things on it including chicken and dried apple rings!

Do you think there is a way I could make a job out of people watching and observing?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, it is pouring rain outside and I cannot walk home right now, so you get two posts for one today.

In case you have not heard this amazing success story, I wanted to connected you with another survivor.

I heard them use the word "survivor" in reference to her last week, and of course my mind went immediately to being a cancer survivor, but I thought maybe because she had fought through the competition and made it to the finals, they were using that term for her as well. (obviously I didn't watch the auditions the night she tried out)

But, last night, I found out the truth. If you have not heard from this Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor who is married, raising a sweet little girl and after radiation treatments that she thought would leave her with a desire to sing, but not the ability..let me introduce you to this very talented singing, Texan, mommy....

(forgive me I've still not figured out how to put the videos in my blog without just the links..anybody wanna help? This is a youtube video of her journey to the finals)

Barbara Padillo - America's Got Talent - or as I like to say "Survivor's Got Talent"

I've had to fight so hard and now I have everything to Live for!!!

(I for sure don't sing that well, but I sure sing that loud when I'm the car burning up the road trying to stay awake...I call it "having church" you call it what you want)

pic as promised

Here's the pic I said I would put up. Yes, it is bigger than before, but I think he had to cut a little more to be able to get to it. there was a lot of scar tissue in there. Also, it looks all ruffled up now, but I'm thinking that he squeezed it together more so the scar is not as wide as it heals.


Monday, September 14, 2009


well, Friday was a success!

If you have to have surgery, that was the way to do it. we didn't have to be in LR until 10, surgery was around 12:30, I was out by 1:00, an hour in recovery, ate lunch at McAlister's, stopped at Garden Ridge, came home, rested for a while, ran to a couple of stores in Arkadoo, and mom made dinner.

Not bad for a Friday with your parents!

Seriously though, everything went really well. I've been pretty sore on the left side for most of the weekend, but nothing that I couldn't tackle with some Tylenol.

(I'll leave out the fact that I can take a shower for serveral days, so I've been washing my hair in the kitchen sink and I've only been wearing button up shirts because I can't raise my left arm!)

When I was in recovery, the guy asked me what my level of discomfort was on a scale of 1-10 (10 being bad) and I told him a two maybe "just because its supposed to hurt". I think he forgot what all I had been through. At that moment with some drugs still in my system, nothing really hurt at all. He gave me a glass of ice water and two tylenol.

I have a picture that I'll try to remember to put up, but the scar is bigger than it was last time, but they had to remove some scar tissue as well as the port.

So, in the words of one of my clever co-workers... my dePORTation was successful!!!

I have much to reflect on at this point, but while I'm still muddling through my thoughts, let me give you some people to pray for...

Jim and Phyllis

all of these are friends who are going through different things related to their own personal journey. Please lift them up...what better gift can we give each other than laying our concerns before the throne?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Port Surgery

Sorry I've been absent from blog world. I'm sure there are many reasons and excuses, but I will save you the time.

Just wanted to give you an update on where things are. I get my infusion port out tomorrow (Friday Sept 11) and I'm excited. It is just a simple procedure, just a day surgery. It should only take about 30 minutes.

I'll take it as a good sign that the doctor told me today "These are the good kinds of surgeries"!!!
I will covet your prayers tomorrow (Friday) at noon. I'll update you after the weekend.

Thank you for you concern and support