Monday, August 24, 2009


I have decided that the newbies to Arkadelphia (a.k.a. the new students) are spoiled with the weather we have been having. I think I heard on the radio that the high today was 83. Yes, you read that right. The last two mornings, it has been kinda "crisp" when I leave. Now my friends who fall into the "sweater" category and I'm not talking about the kind you wear are very excited I'm sure. It has been so nice. And, it has made me even more anxious about fall. Until days like this, I forget how much I love this time of year. I'm so excited about the months ahead...if you know me well, you know I could list a series of things here that I love most about fall..I'll spare you until they start happening, but suffice it to say my favorite time of year is just around the corner.

Does any one else think that the sales at Hobby Lobby are pecularily random? I am very grateful that my favorite items there are more than likely on sale at least once a month. But, today I was in there and they had garland and christmas stockings on sale, but not Halloween stuff. I that strange to anyone else?

Also, I was almost taken out by a girl on a scooter this morning. Now that all the kids are back, every parking lot is packed and my driveway is as close as many empty parking spots. So, I was just walking along, trying to balance all the things I was toting to my office when I heard someone approaching very quickly behind me. I turned and looked over my left shoulder to see a young "co-ed" approaching at a rapid scooter pace. Thankfully I took one step to my right at a very strategic moment to avoid a colision and, well its doesnt take much to make me trip, stumble or fall I dont need any help. Even more, the girl did not say anything, she did not look up, she did not smile, frown, or appologize for her rudness. I almost hollered out that classes did not start today. She had her backpack on and was heading for the Science Building like she was late for one of Dr. Jeffers' classes...the only problem is that classes have not begun. So, I was left with two thoughts.

1. She loves her work-study job and is dedicated to it more than any students I have ever known...including myself.
2. She is new on campus and does not know the unspoke smiling at someone at 8:00 on a Monday morning when you almost run them over b/c they are perfectly normally walking to their office.
3. She wanted me to hunt her down...she gets one week of probation and that's what I'm doing next time...just kidding. I had a cake in my hands I couldnt mess that up and its not the friendly way we build community at Ouachita.

Man I love this place. I love the new energy that arrived on Saturday when the new students moved in and I love that everything it getting back to normal around here.

Sorry for the random post... (and my spell check is not working so sorry for the misspellings)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

oopsie daisy

Since I'm fully aware that everything communicates something, what exactly does it say to your donor friend when you visit them and the chair you sit in kinda "gives" a little underneath you.

I don't know you if have personally ever had this experience before, but nothing says "you need to go on a diet and lay off the peach cobbler you made this weekend" like the springs in the chair you are sitting in giving out from underneath you.

Yeah, that's what happened to me today. I visited a very kind man and was talking with him when I decided to scoot back in the chair in his living room. (for my own sanity, I'm going to insert here that the chair did look like it was still celebrating a disco from the 70s..I say that to help convince myself that it was the chair who is going on a couple decades of wear and comfort and not my fat rear that made this situation unfold)

As I moved back in the chair, I heard a semi-"tearing" sound and quiet "boing" and realized that if I moved back any further or put any more pressure on the chair, that I might be sitting on the floor because the chair was about to give out.

So, as to not draw attention to myself, I quickly grabbed the wooden handle of the chair and proceeded for the next hour and 15 mins. to hold myself in my chair by my left hand. I'm sure there was a goofy look on my face and I no doubt left him with the feeling that I have perfect posture based on the way I was sitting up in my seat.

As we walked to the door, I looked back and noticed that the back right corner of the cushion was indeed, shall we say "leaning" a bit. I'm sure it was that way before I sat down and I just didn't notice.

Nice man...old chair...good posture..sweet conversation..oopsie daisy!

And, PS I did make a peach cobbler this weekend with white peaches and it was amazing..I didn't even need vanilla ice cream or whipped mom was proud and my dad was jealous!