Thursday, January 29, 2009


so, when I was home last weekend, I decided I have a guilty pleasure...I'm addicted to the Gaithers Homecoming shows. I know I've talked about them before, but they had a Gaither Band Homecoming reunion (hello!)...least to say, when they started singing "I bowed on my knees and cried Holy"...I got up from the lunch table and was on the floor mesmerized...It just takes me back. Is is bad that I want to sing like David Phelps?

Second random fact, I cant sleep. I have conflicting issues every night when I get in bed. I know it is the time I need to go to bed, to be able to get up in the morning, but I'm not sleepy. Can you be tired and not sleepy?

Third, my OCD has come out with my DVR. I feel like as long as there are things recorded, I'm supposed to watch them. But, this produces a problem. I don't like to sit still and not be doing something. So, when you have recorded something you cant watch it and do housework like you can when you are...say watching a marathon of movies on Lifetime. You can come in and out of the room and still know what's going on. But when its a show you recorded, you feel like you need to stay and watch it all.

Next, I'm glad the ice is gone and Saturday is going to be beautiful.

I feel bad when I don't have time to get on facebook and respond to messages...ES, I'm just going to call you.

The thought of having a girls night with some of your friends, even if it is not for sure and even if it is a month from now...still gets me excited.

I got my desk cleaned off before Christmas, some of you who used to work with me, would not even believe, and now I feel like I cant leave until everything is back cleaned off. I know...again, the OCD thing!

I know I want something really good for dinner, but I cant decided what. I know I don't have many groceries (this is the problem), so I will have to visit one of the two local supermarkets. One of which is Wal-mart, my favorite store, but now that I live on the other side of seems so far away.

Anyway, if you have any good dinner suggestions, let me know. I cant figure out what I'm craving!

Oh, and I've decided I'm going to Italy over Spring Break with my sister. What better time for us to go than now!!! I'm a little excited! or, ALOT!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

20 to Watch

I recently received a huge honor. I was listed this past weekend in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Tri Lakes Edition, 20 to Watch in 09.

You are probably thinking the same thing I was the day I received the call. What is that? And, what does that mean? (I almost didnt even answer the phone at work, I thought it was another vendor calling to sell me something)

Well, here is my understanding as it is listed in the news paper..."section based on nominations from community leaders, Chambers of commerce, churches and everyday folks who see that these people are making their communities better places to live."

The article that ran was great and included all the things I would have wanted pulled out. My beloved Ouachita and my faith. What better things could be said about you?

Below are some pics form the award luncheon:

Normally I would not write about myself like this, but I've been asked to make sure you (my blog world), know about this.
You never know who is reading this. Maybe some single guy will be impressed!
Or, just all my girlfriends..and for the record...that's enough!
Love you, thanks for the support.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I forgot to include this in the last post. A woman in the waiting room today looked over at me on her way back and said... "You're hair is so pretty".

Now, you can understand why I was so thankful for that complement, but let me just tell you that it hit me deep. What a nice thing to say. She was actually the caregiver to a woman that I am assuming is her mother. It was really one of the kindest things anyone could say to a person in that room.

She had probably looked at it long enough to figure out that it is real, but that is always a question in that room of people. Also, the fact that I'm in the middle of it all growing back out and the process means that it is always changing. Some days, it lays down and others it sticks up. Some days it looks fixed and others there is no amount of products that could make it do anything normal.

So, thank you ma'am for making my day...think about it. That cost her nothing more than breaking down a wall and saying something kind to me, a complete stranger.

It's amazing how far our kind words can go...think about it.

scan again

well, today was another journey to LR. I had scheduled scans today. I think when I set them up, it never hit me that Jan 20 would be what it was, so I was in a crazy mode today. I wanted to just plop in front of the TV, thank goodness for DVR! That;s what I'll be doing tonight.

Anyway, We had some issues finding a vein to cooperate so they could set me up for the contrast dye. Lets' just say that if you see me tomorrow, know that I was poked and prodded today and I'm not a junkie. I do expect some bruises. He tried the inside of both elbows, the top of my left wrist (yes, that vein that runs on top of that nob..yeah, it hurts). And, finally after some arm hanging and squeezing a warm bag of saline, we got one to pop up on top of my right hand. It brought back memories of my first day of chemo. That was the day I knew I fell in love...with the port!

The scan went fine and then I was off to kill time before my apt with Dr. M.

That went great as well. He came in and said I looked great. There was a comment about the cheMOHAWK! Well, actually a smirk..he didn't have to say anything, I knew what he was thinking. He asked me how I was feeling and I told him great!

He was surprised that I did not have my "entourage" with me this time (I went up by myself, like a big girl!). I told him that I wasn't expecting him to tell me anything but good news, so I didn't bring them! He liked that.

He said that my scans look better every time we do them. And that there is no question I'm in remission! I loved hearing that. He is going to see me every three months for the next year just to watch progress. He probably wont scan when I go back in April, just look and make sure everything sounds ok.

So, a great day in LR and such good news. It's like that is one more hump that I can check off the list. I know I'm pumped.

I went to our local Relay for Life meeting tonight. Kinda an ironic way to end my day. Let me encrouage you to find a way to get involved with your local Relay for Life events! April 24th!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hickory House

So, I have promised pics of the new house..and since I had to clean it for bunko this week, you finally get the grand tour:

The entry way. I'm trying to not let these shelves become junk collectors. So far so good. You cant see it, but my dad got me a sweet painting for Christmas that hangs here as well.

My mantle that I'm obsessed with, probably close to my favorite thing about the is an obsession and fun collection of things I love.

My new big girl couches!

My dining room...don't you love the yummy yellow color on the walls. It is some lovely golden name, but a paint chip color that I matched it from is called Nacho makes me think of Honey Mustard and then I crave chicken strips...oh well.
My lovely kitchen and just as I like it...ready to serve some food!

The front has its own set of stories

My guest room...yes this furniture is was my grandmother's

This is my "that" room. It is a guest room as well, but will function more as my
scrap booking/craft it.

My room...there is nothing on the walls, but I have plans to do something with the pink flowers I saw in Hawaii.

This is what you get to have when you don't share a house with a boy!

My little bathroom

My new shower...I love that is is white and clean!

When I finally get this cleaned up, it will be a "study". I'm obsessed with books, so there are too many to put anywhere, but I do have this great desk in here too. I think this is an add on or converted sun room...this house has the most beautiful windows.

The "charm" of this house comes with the basement. It is always the thing new people want to enjoy your journey!
An area I affectionately call "The Corral"
But, it is a great built in storage you can see I've already filled it up.

My laundry room (Thanks to Travis and Randy, I can actualyl see down here now..and I'm not totalyl freaked out to do my laundry)

The room beside it that I am scared to go in...not really sure what's inside.
I've heard that it was a dark room...who knows
And, I threw this may bring back memories for some

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!

gettin it done

ok, so this blog really is mean to bare with me. My staff is amazing. We had a goal of 220 applications from Jan 1 to Jan 15 (that was Thursday). Well, like I expected they would, they blew that out of the water. Actually, they got 347...yes, that's amazing. But, they also did it with a million phone calls and literally 1595 phone calls from last Saturday to this past Thursday. Yes that's amazing. I am so thankful for them and their dedication to Ouachita. And, like a mama hen, I'm so proud of them

(Plus, they are so darn pretty!)

and here is my new staff pic...oh year # 27!

Friday, January 9, 2009

After reading that last post, I decided that I think too much and obviously have too much time on my hands on breaks to actually be able to put something like that together.

this has been a long week. We hit three cities in 4 days to do regional receptions for our prospective students and alumni. It was exhausting. And, to finish off with a bang, my cell phone decided to stop working. Oh well...guess I'm making a trip to the Cingular store tomorrow and it's not because I have a new toy!

This weekend will be full of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and emptying out my favorite gift in '08 to old am I?


Friday, January 2, 2009

nativity thoughts

Ok, for some time now, I have been searching for the perfect nativity set. I don't have a place to put a big one, so I don't have a nice one, but I did get a little one last year at an after Christmas sale. I did put it out on a shelf this year in my new house. I don't know that I think I found the best spot for it, but it is a spot that everyone sees.
My mom has always had a nativity in our house. The one she had for so long was a set she bought at a school auction when I was elementary. She finally retired it last year and as much as I wanted to hold on to it, there was no way it could survive another year. So, she had two out this year. I just love them.

(and of course there is the angel...I didn't even go there in this set of thoughts)

One sits on a table in the middle of our living room and another on a side table that you have to walk by to go anywhere in our den. Oh that Christ would always stay at the center. But, here are some thoughts that I have had regarding the nativity this year:

1. At the beginning of the season, we walked into Mardel and they had some sets on sale, so of course they caught my eye. But, as I lingered and looked at the large Willowtree set, I noticed that they called the wooden structure that Mary, Joseph and the baby lay in, a SANCTUARY. What a really neat thought. We always call it a stable and I've become accustom to calling it a creche, not really sure where that came from, but I like the word. Our nativity set at home did not always have this wooden structure. Which, is probably more Biblical than having one.

It always makes me sad to think about that night. Mary as uncomfortable as she had ever been in her life and Joseph tired and still confused and worried about what people thought about his decision to be obedient to the Lord, left to deal with their little "issue" out in the open world. Probably, even beyond the stables that we often like to think that the baby Jesus came in to.

But, to think that the place he was born, was a SANCTUARY. I love it! When I looked up the word SANCTUARY, I found these definitions: a sacred or holy place, the part of a church around the altar, and place of refuge, the holiest part of a sacred place, but my favorite was this, a shelter from danger or hardship. I bet the place that Mary and Joseph ended up was just that...a SANCTUARY. While debates continue to exist on whether it was a stable, covered or uncovered, outside, behind, with animals around or not, we do know this, Jesus came that night and everything was changed.

I wonder what His cry sounded like. Did it cause peace, or is it like the cry of other babies that make a mother move? Was he a happy baby or did He come knowing what was ahead of Him? Did Mary and Joseph feel like regular parents or were they heavy in spirit?

2. I have never seen the same "face" on any Shepherd in any set. Sometimes there is just one. Sometimes a couple, one older man and one younger. Sometimes they are holding sheep and sometimes, they are kneeling beside each other. But, it's always easy to spot them. They are usually off to the side in the rags and with the softest faces. Both of the ones in our house have a young shepherd and are holding a sheep. I could spend all this time going on about the imagery of a shepherd, but I do think it was neat that they angels appeared to shepherd. Probably the only people that evening that would actually pay attention. They had nothing else to do and at the same time, they were available. Oh that I would be available this next year and be invited to witness something as great as the night Jesus came into this world.

3. The cow. Was he really there? He always is at every nativity set I see. Maybe it is some symbol of being in a barn/stable. Not much to say about him, but that he is there, always there, because he is supposed to be?

4. The donkey. Probably as tired as anyone. Where do you put him? One set has him sitting right by Mary. Another set has him on the outer edge, looking out, like a watch dog. I can only imagine that, that night he was as tired as any one. Having walked as far as Joesph, and yet, carrying the weight of a woman who was uncomfortable, I'm sure not still and within days and hours of having a child. I haven't been around many donkeys in my life. They are however, one of my favorite animals. I'm fascinated by them. Again, not something that a typical person would have chosen to ride, but again, useful, something only the poor would be left to use and yet, a witness to the birth of Jesus. I can just imagine his curiosity that night if he was anywhere around.

5. Then, there are the wise men. Because of obvious reasons, I always struggle with whether they should be there or not. Since they are part of the bigger story, it is good for them to be involved, but I just don't like them standing so close to the manger. I think they should be off to the side, like they are looking for what's going on. That's what they did after all isn't it? They saw the star and then started their journey. But, it is always great to see them there with their gifts ready to present to the Savior.

(What exactly is the PC color of the wise men?)

6. But, here is always my struggle every year. Where should everyone be placed and which direction should they face? I always think that the center should be the baby. Mary typically is created facing right and Joseph, facing left. From there, I never know. It often is based on how the artist designed each piece. Which direction do the pieces face, are any parts broken off that need to be hidden? Are people standing, kneeling, or leaning? It's a struggle and I face it every year when I put the nativity out and then when I see them displayed.
(why does Mary always wear pink?)

For the first time this year, I saw a picture of a nativity where everyone is facing "in", with their backs to the person looking at the scene and facing totally toward the manger. I always see them set up with everyone facing "toward" the manger, but this one was a new thought...really a challenge to me. The figurines in this set conveyed a message...nothing else, but what was inside the manger mattered. They had cut themselves off from any distractions and any possibility to look at anything else. Christ, that was what they were focused on.

That is my prayer for this year. May I keep myself from being distracted and like the shepherd, be in a place to be available to be the one called to be present for something big that God wants to do this year.


This is what we call a cheMOHAWK....gotta love baby hairs growing back in!